Diversity and inclusion

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Navigating cultural landscapes: how L&D can drive inclusion and diversity in the contemporary workplace

Explore innovative strategies, from cultural competence training to combatting biases, that elevate organisational success, with Ravinder Tulsiani In the modern work environment, diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but […]...
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Learning from life: what I learnt from having a child move away to university

Michelle Parry-Slater reflects on our lives as parents and asks if L&D do enough to support colleagues in the emotional roller-coaster of parenting For many parents, September marks a month […]...
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Three checkpoints when using AI in designing learning

Can a machine-human partnership elevate training efforts? Nic Girvin offers some advice using DEI as her example Can artificial intelligence (AI) really add value to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) […]...
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