TJ Newsflash: 22 August

22 August 2019

Is your workplace 'woke' enough for younger workers? That and other stories in this week's newsflash.

TJ Newsflash: 15 August

15 August 2019

Does your leadership style scare employees? How CAN you make compliance training better? We've linked to some of the questions, and maybe even some of the answers in this week's...

TJ Newsflash: 8 August

8 August 2019

Need some networking advice? Right this way to the top newsflash article of the week.

A push for equality through mentoring

22 August 2019

Laura Francis gives us some strategies to improve equality through mentoring.

How much more appalling leadership do we have to put up with before we change?

20 August 2019

Leadership training needs an overhaul - and soon, says Elke Edwards.

14 August 2019
Shawn Storer runs Shawn Storer Creative Leadership Solutions and will be chairing L&D Influencers Europe conference. Ahead of the event we found out why his biggest lesson has been to listen and care and how he learns something from someone every single day.