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Government commits £170 million for Institutes of Technology to bridge the skills gap in the UK

1 February 2017

To boost skills, and to keep up with the accelerating pace of technical change, new strategies are being introduced to address issues around lifelong learning and deficiencies in skills 

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New analysis tool keeps users updated on the latest developments in digital learning

1 February 2017

An improved industry tool, launched at Learning Technologies today, aims to help buyers keep abreast of the latest advances in online learning

Skills, adult education, lifelong learning

Apprenticeships and skills minister called to give priority to lifelong learning

26 January 2017

As Brexit increases the urgency to close the skills gap MPs are seeking more funding for adult education - which has experienced drastic cuts in recent years

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Rural living can seriously affect your access to skills

19 January 2017

A new report shows that those living in the countryside face real disadvantages in accessing skills


Government gives L&D professionals inadequate time to comment on the new IfA

16 January 2017

The Government is criticised for the “absurdly short period of time” given for responses to the scope and working of the new Institute for Apprenticeships

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Jobseekers are attracted to organisations that support good causes

10 January 2017

Companies with records of supporting good causes are more popular with job candidates according to new research

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Five ways that psychology can enhance L&D

17 February 2017

L&D practitioners can benefit professionally and personally from a greater understanding of occupational psychology, says Ben White.

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What skills are needed by L&D professionals in 2017?

15 February 2017

From the last day of LTUK17, Gent Ahmetaj reports on Clive Shepherd’s discussion on skills for L&D people   

How can L&D use technology to become more strategic?

12 February 2017

Debbie Carter reports on a learning exchange where Laura Overton and Andy Hurren explain how technology can make L&D more strategic

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How can you stay current in your field when work, jobs, and even professions are constantly changing?

11 February 2017

Harold Jarche talks about the importance of human connections, of networking and of supporting people in order to develop your skills and future employability.

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It’s good to be back

16 February 2017

TJ's new editor, Jon Kennard reflects on being back in L&D

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Why change can be hard - our brains and change

2 February 2017

Clare Edwards explores the brain’s programmed reactions to change in her latest neuroscience blog.

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Networking and personal development

30 January 2017

This week the L&D field will  be talking, tweeting, Periscoping and blogging about the Learning Technologies 2017 conference and exhibition.

3 November 2016

Meet the man with a mission to change perceptions around gang violence and to give the disadvantaged hope for a better future.

10 October 2016

Inspiring people and challenging projects have shaped Brid Nunn’s L&D experience. Now she shares some of her most exciting work with TJ.

15 February 2017

Krystyna Gadd tries out a new website to encourage people on different networks to collaborate - here are her findings.

11 February 2017

There is one habitual behaviour that has a noticeable impact on behaviour. Rhodri Wyn Jones tells us about happiness.