African leaders need to “leapfrog the shackles of convention”

24 April 2015

A major focus of the conference will be on the role technology-assisted learning can play in helping to develop the skills vital for the future of Africa

Farscape Morocco

Senior leaders to experience the impact that the natural environment has on learning

23 April 2015

Many leaders state that in order for them to learn and develop they need time and space away from the office for reflection – something that often seems unattainable. The most effective place for...

Fosway Group launches new HR analyst practice as it reveals new brand

22 April 2015

The new HR practice formalises Fosway’s broader view of the trends and underlying business drivers for change and transformation within organisations today

How E-learning is transforming skills in the healthcare workforce

21 April 2015

E-learning helping staff in the health sector work on their own training in their own time   

Young workforce

How to manage a new generation of leaders

21 April 2015

Work environment and values are paramount for the new generation of leaders, Melissa Baxter says

Mobile phone

Are you 'appy?

1 April 2015

Companies that shun mobile technology are in danger of being left behind, Michael Richards says. 

ArminHopp's picture

Have you checked your succession strategy lately?

22 April 2015

Keep your talent happy for as long as you can but don’t assume they won’t need a successor at some point, Armin Hopp says

PaulMatthews's picture

Your powerful informal learning engine: part 3

22 April 2015

The very act of externalising and putting into language our reflections prompts new ways of thinking, Paul Matthews says 

LizHillSmith's picture

Making magic work part 5: Making it happen

22 April 2015

L&D professionals need to be taking on a more consultative role to help organisations thrive, says Liz Hill-Smith

23 April 2015

Innovation for the sake of innovation has toppled many top businesses when they were at their peak, Dominic Kitchin says

15 April 2015

Armin Hopp looks at how L&D can address global workforce issues