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Universities UK response to HEPI paper on mental health support

23 September 2016

Universities UK has responded today to calls by HEPI for many universities to triple their spending on mental health support.

Nursery by Emily Goodstein

Nurseries 'could close' if Tory free childcare plans go ahead

22 September 2016

Hundreds of nursery schools in England could be forced to close if the government presses ahead with plans to extend free childcare, a leading union warns.


Majority of UK CFOs aspire to be CEO

20 September 2016

The majority (86 per cent) of UK Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are driven to reach the top role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in their current organisation.

Legionella death highlights need for proper training, says industry leader

20 September 2016

Leading training and consultancy specialist Develop Training Ltd (DTL) has renewed calls for more investment in tackling Legionnaire’s disease after a patient died of the condition...

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Lib Dems: Erasmus student exchange must be protected from Brexit

19 September 2016

Liberal Democrat Education Spokesperson John Pugh has written to Brexit minister David Davis demanding he make a clear commitment to protecting the Erasmus student...

Old College, University of Edinburgh

Three imperatives for corporate universities

13 September 2016

Far too many internal training programmes waste money and align poorly with the company’s long-term strategy. They can do better.

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What to avoid when transitioning to performance consulting

10 September 2016

Sunder Ramachandran shares some positive approaches to becoming a consultant inside the business.

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Beyond results day: Why we should offer alternative routes to GCSEs

9 September 2016

Fay Gibbin offers her thoughts on contending with the Government’s GCSE regulations for childcare professionals and how we can help young people accomplish more through alternative routes.

Video killed the learning star

9 September 2016

If you are my vintage, you will recall the classic song from The Buggles, Video Killed the Radio Star. As most of you know, this song is a reference to concerns about 20th-century inventions and machines.

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There’s a lot of non-believers out there…and I am the biggest sceptic

21 September 2016

If we focus on improving the surface and not deeper structural issue that is all we are likely to improve.

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Unlocking the ROI of employee development

19 September 2016

It’s not unreasonable for organisations investing in the training and development of their employees to expect to see some kind of return on investment (ROI).

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Language training for a globalised workforce

16 September 2016

With a more globalised world, language skills have become essential for all levels of the organisation and across business functions.

9 August 2016
The Apprentice 2015 winner talks about hard work and aspirations.
9 August 2016

Elouise Leonard-Cross on her award-winning L&OD practice and how she developed her team of L&D athletes

15 September 2016

Recording of the TJ discussion webinar from September 2016 about communication.

11 September 2016

Con Sotidis reflects on the closing of the video broadcasting platform Blab.

13 September 2016

Neville Pritchard discusses what matters most around communication in a business or organisation.

8 September 2016

Gary Cattermole tells us to take a closer look at ourselves when it comes to spreading the word.