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Hay Group: Graduates lacking the people skills employers are looking for

22 May 2015

People skills continue to grow increasingly important for businesses, as globalisation accelerates and organisational structures change. In this context, 93 per cent percent of those surveyed...

New white paper helps L&D teams to maximise the benefits of digital learning

21 May 2015

The new paper examines the evolution of digital learning, the benefits it provides and the challenges of implementation

Image of hands holding a tablet

L&D must embrace digital learning

21 May 2015

The lack of understanding about digital learning presents a genuine threat to L&D, says Lynsey Whitmarsh

Data-driven insights about your people can sharpen performance

11 May 2015

The use of data is perceived as increasingly important in driving business performance through the performance of its people, says Mark Williamson 

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Bringing subtlety to the pursuit of leadership presence

20 May 2015

Francis Briers looks at how we can applying ancient wisdom to modern learning

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Give something back

20 May 2015

Being a coach or a mentor is an incredibly important performance lever helping you to unlock staff potential at all levels, Eddie Kilkelly says

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The true value of communication skills

20 May 2015

Communication is the glue holding everything together, Armin Hopp says

21 May 2015

Jan Mueller provides advice on how businesses can develop their digital strategy in order to attract, retain and develop talent

5 May 2015

Transforming a major corporation's business model requires a change in development approach. SAP's Axel Ferreyrolles talks to Nick de Cent

15 April 2015

Armin Hopp looks at how L&D can address global workforce issues