TJ Newsflash: 10 January

10 January 2019

Are you aware of the Apprenticeship Levy? Perhaps not, if you work in accounting...

TJ Newsflash: 3 January

3 January 2019

Who doesn't love a listicle in January? Here's a couple, detailing a few things to look out for over the coming year.

TJ Newsflash: 13 December

13 December 2018

Does 80% of your workplace culture need to change? You might be surprised...

Seven steps to agile organisational success

15 January 2019

Paul Lewis gives TJ seven easy steps to get started in the world of agile business.

How to use social media to boost ROI

14 January 2019

Social media is an invaluable sales tool for businesses in every industry. Learn how to use it effectively as an extra channel for increasing conversions, says James Banks. 

Why learning professionals need to nurture their creativity

14 January 2019

Time to get creative in 2019, says Stephanie Morgan.

Industrial change and sexual discrimination

8 January 2019

Change is a coming, and we have to change too, says Barry Johnson.

3 October 2018
Learning News and Learning Now TV were at the launch of the Pulse Report 2018 to interview Gustaf Nordback, CEO of the FT-IE Corporate Learning Alliance