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Dishonest organisations and training suppliers jeopardise success of the apprenticeship levy

2 December 2016

A new report warns that employers and training providers might plan to use the levy funding but not provide the expected training

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Poor productivity due to lack of sleep is costing the UK economy billions

30 November 2016

New research shows that our economy is suffering because of the poor sleeping habits of our workforces.

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Google embarks on a major training initiative to reduce the UK’s digital divide

29 November 2016

Jonathan Owen reports on the digital skills crisis and Government delays that has prompted some of the biggest organisations in the UK to take action.

Debbie Carter and Jo Cook of Training Journal

TJ speaking about webinar conversations at Online Educa Berlin

26 November 2016

Read about the focus of the session that TJ are delivering at European conference Online Educa

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Listening to music makes you better at your job

25 November 2016

A report shows why listening to music can benefit your performance at work, and what do some L&D professionals listen to?


SMEs could suffer from lack of funding once the new apprenticeship levy is launched

24 November 2016

The AELP warns that small and medium-employers, who supply more than half the country’s apprenticeships, could struggle once the new tax comes into force in April next year.

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What do US employees want from their learning at work?

1 December 2016

What are the top three changes in workplace learning that employees from across the Pond want from their organisations? Jeff Weber gives us a summary of some recent research.

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Coaching: not a solution for all problems

24 November 2016

Vicky Roberts tackles the tricky discussions that L&D often need to have with other internal departments when training or assistance is requested, focusing particularly on coaching.   

Are you really a good communicator?

23 November 2016

Thinking about your communication with others is an important skill to continuously develop. Tania Coke shares some tips.

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Rebuilding trust trumps everything

10 November 2016

Ben Houghton on what to do when it’s far too late to make a great first impression as a leader

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The question that no manager gets right

29 November 2016

Paul Matthews asks managers what their role entails but rarely gets the answer he is looking for.

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Why businesses should adapt and change to survive

20 October 2016

I recently read in an article that only “25 per cent of change projects show any type of successful implementation” and that “when you communicate change within your organisation people a

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Encouraging greater diversity and inclusion in the workplace

19 October 2016

Organisations that embrace diversity and inclusion in all aspects of their business statistically outperform their peers.

3 November 2016

Meet the man with a mission to change perceptions around gang violence and to give the disadvantaged hope for a better future.

10 October 2016

Inspiring people and challenging projects have shaped Brid Nunn’s L&D experience. Now she shares some of her most exciting work with TJ.

3 November 2016

Pauline Broomhead, Chief Executive of the Foundation of Social Improvement, explains the importance of preparing for a board meeting. 


22 November 2016

When does learning out loud lead to inadvertently exposing your personal or organisational vulnerabilities?