TJ Newsflash: 25 February

25 February 2021

Get hold of that to-do list - and stop getting distracted by.. where was I again?

TJ Newsflash: 11 February

11 February 2021

For National Apprenticeship Week, we lead this week's newsflash with a story from the Guardian. Read on for more... 

The Learning Coach: Rethinking learning as a community

3 February 2021

In this month’s blog, Jane Daly reflects on the power of community spirit and urges us all to take out time to invest in the future of our profession.

Ideas that will shake you: Three cheers for the DDOs

3 February 2021

Nigel Paine looks at Robert Kegan’s three developmental stages, encouraging organisations to embrace deliberate development to nurture the creative talent needed for the VUCA world of today, and tomorrow.

12 January 2021
Jon talks to serial CEO Peter Ryding about virtual coaching, his meeting with John Cleese in Las Vegas, and what L&D can learn from last year and take forward into this one.  
1 February 2021
Mike Krieger reveals the secret to Instagram’s exponential growth, what small businesses can learn from his success, and the industries he predicts will dominate 2021.