TJ Newsflash: 12 September

12 September 2019

Good news for the Apprenticeship Levy, not so good for companies looking to stem the tide of automation this week. It's the newsflash!

TJ Newsflash: 5 September

5 September 2019

Have we got a newsflash for you this week! Take a tea break and read five great stories today.

TJ Newsflash: 29 August

29 August 2019

Learning is supposed to feel uncomfortable, according to HBR. This and more in the week's newsflash.

A push for equality through mentoring

22 August 2019

Laura Francis gives us some strategies to improve equality through mentoring.

How much more appalling leadership do we have to put up with before we change?

20 August 2019

Leadership training needs an overhaul - and soon, says Elke Edwards.