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HR has a responsibility to help build clients for life

29 April 2016

HR teams in service businesses have a responsibility to help the client-facing staff in their companies to become indispensable, trusted advisors, according to a...

Unemployment rate rises

Young unemployed to get ahead with Barnardo’s and Santander

29 April 2016

Long-term unemployed young people will be benefiting from Barnardo’s innovative ‘On Track’ tailored...

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Time-poor Brits swap the classroom for the home in digital age

28 April 2016

Almost half (43 per cent) of UK adults have turned to digital technology to develop new skills at home, with privacy and flexibility driving the online uptake....

Working mum and child

Mums retrain to find more meaningful jobs

28 April 2016

Over a third of working mums have retrained after having children and many more are considering it, according to a

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Skills for Health launches bespoke elearning care courses

27 April 2016

Skills for Health has launched a suite of new Elearning courses developed specifically for and by GPs and others working in primary care.

Skills and Employability

New ILX training courses to boost change and project management skills

25 April 2016

A range of new courses for individuals and organisations looking to boost their change management and project management skills have been launched by...

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10 of the best content curation tools to fill your business blog

28 April 2016

Nearly everything is out there on the internet, including perhaps the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Water aid ex-gangsters

Ex-gangsters train as plumbers to tackle water crisis

25 April 2016

Ex-gang members are being trained as plumbers to help solve Nicaragua's poor water sanitation. 

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Neuroscience under scrutiny

22 April 2016

Stella Collins provides help in understanding neuroscience and how to apply it through six questions.


Is the future game-based?

21 April 2016

Rob Caul and Joshua Roberts explore how to use gamification in e-learning.

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Reassessing Evaluation

28 April 2016

Traditionally in business, assessing the value of anything usually comes down to pecuniary outcomes, with figures being used to answer the question; ‘is it worth the investment?’   But wh

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Will we ever see more careers for talented people?

22 April 2016

The continued existence of any organisation is entirely dependent upon learning.


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Navigating project, programme and portfolio management training

20 April 2016

As projects continue to grow in complexity and continue to fail – project and programme delivery capabilities are in the spotlight.

27 April 2016

In the second in his series of articles, Phil Willcox focuses on the how of managing emotions.


20 April 2016

Kate Mercer explains why bosses should stop meddling and get on with the job of leading the business. 

26 February 2016

At the Learning Technologies conference leading instructional design consultant Cathy Moore spoke with a small group at the Learning eXchange. Jo Cook captures her comments

26 February 2016

L&D can often be accused of not focusing on the needs of the business they sit within. Sunder Ramachandran, Head of Training at Pfizer, spent time discussing this and Jo Cook records his comments.

3 December 2015

The TJ Awards held its fourth annual Gala Dinner at the Brewery last Wednesday 25th November when this year’s winners were announced across 17 categories.


15 April 2015

Training Journal celebrated its 50th birthday anniversary by hosting a Learning and Development Conference on Friday 10th July.