The power of microlearning for team training

21 April 2021

Are you considering using microlearning to train your team. Amy Morrisey give three tips to maximise the power of your bite-sized courses and elevate your efforts.

Seven ways to prepare for the changing labour market

21 April 2021

Pretty much everyone will have to adjust to the new normal in order to achieve their employment goals. Andrew Arkley offers advice to HR departments on how to retain, develop and recruit the best talent.

A strategy for the post-pandemic workplace

20 April 2021

How should HR and leaders be working together to prepare for new ways of working? Deborah Wilkes offers a route to follow.

Book review: Accountability at work

12 April 2021

Krista Powell Edwards takes over editor Jon Kennard's blog once again, this time to review Carolyn Taylor's new book on Accountability.

Developing a sense of belonging through coaching

23 March 2021

Salma Shah talks about the importance of belonging in her latest blog.

12 January 2021
Jon talks to serial CEO Peter Ryding about virtual coaching, his meeting with John Cleese in Las Vegas, and what L&D can learn from last year and take forward into this one.  
1 April 2021
Dominic Baker talks about why careers coaching is more important to young people now than ever, and why a coaching partnership is good for your business.
16 April 2021
As the four-day week gains traction Dawn Brown points out the drawbacks and suggests increased flexibility is a necessity to attract and retain the best talent.