TJ Newsflash: 22 October

22 October 2020

A circumspect newsflash this week. Can we imagine an alternative future of work?

TJ Newsflash: 8 October

8 October 2020

Could apprenticeships be the key to reviving the UK economy? This and more in the week's newsflash.

Why L&D need to understand organisational politics pt2

23 October 2020

In the second of a two-part article on organisational politics, David Buchanan and Steve Macaulay explore L&D role in organisational politics.

It certainly isn’t just another day at the office for many employees

22 October 2020

Kirsty Foster-Jennings says the ability of both organisations and employees to adapt to remote working has to be one of the big business stories to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cultural difference in the coaching relationship

14 October 2020

Salma Shah tells us why we need to think differently about coaching.

Book review: How to engage and inspire audiences

9 October 2020

This time out, Jon gives over his blog to Krista Powell Edwards for another book review.

28 July 2020
Lightbulb Moment founder Jo Cook talks to L&D veteran Donald H Taylor about relationships within L&D and how to successfully engage with the wider business.  
15 September 2020
Paul Kennedy, co-founder of the consultancy PerformHQ, interviews Dr. Richard Hale about the future of organisational leadership.