TJ Newsflash: 16 May

16 May 2019

We go listicle heavy again this week, although one of them isn't exactly great news...

TJ Newsflash: 9 May

9 May 2019

Four L&D stories and a little bit of cool science. It's the week's newsflash.

TJ Newsflash: 2 May

2 May 2019

Dive into our stories about the downsides of Slack and more, in the week's newsflash. 

Graduates: The core of the company future

8 May 2019

Barry Johnson values the graduate experience in business. 

How to encourage ideas flow in a training session that includes different personalities and generations

17 April 2019

Nick Gold has some creative tips for facilitating productive training sessions.

3 October 2018
Learning News and Learning Now TV were at the launch of the Pulse Report 2018 to interview Gustaf Nordback, CEO of the FT-IE Corporate Learning Alliance