Learning Newsflash: 20 April

20 April 2017

TJ newsflash time - apprenticeships, millennials, and big brother headphones - you all get a link this week... 

Learning Newsflash: 13 April

13 April 2017

It's the TJ learning newsflash: this week we link to stories about leadership, coaching, workplace robots and that most zeitgeisty of topics - fake news. Got a story? You know what...

Learning Newsflash: 6 April

6 April 2017

It's your friendly TJ learning newsflash: This week we link to bad bosses, AI, wellbeing and more. Get in touch with any good stories you may have spotted here: ...

Workforce integration: The rise of the everyday evaluators

24 April 2017

From an excerpt of a recent working paper by Skills for Health, Jon Parry outlines the skills you need for successful workforce integration in healthcare.

The TJ podcast: April 2017

20 April 2017

Here it is - the first TJ podcast. Editor Jon Kennard and deputy editor Jo Cook cover L&D news, they put learning styles on trial, and the CIPD's David Hayden talks talent management strategy. Sit back, plug in and enjoy! 

Top tips for boosting training results with video

19 April 2017

Looking for video strategy tips to boost your training results? Cordula Schellenberger has you covered.

Infographic: Sales training techniques

12 April 2017

It's infographic time again - Andy Meltzer shows us how sales managers and sales reps differ in the training and learning techniques. 

VR in learning: The opportunity of a lifetime for L&D

26 April 2017

Is L&D ready for virtual reality? Almost, says Lyndon Wingrove. 

Better public speaking pt2: Context

25 April 2017

Nick Gold carries on his series about better public speaking. This month - context. 

Digital learning for L&D made easy

24 April 2017

Fiona Quigley asks some pertinent questions about L&D.

3 November 2016

Meet the man with a mission to change perceptions around gang violence and to give the disadvantaged hope for a better future.

10 October 2016

Inspiring people and challenging projects have shaped Brid Nunn’s L&D experience. Now she shares some of her most exciting work with TJ.

25 April 2017

How do you successfully train a workforce that spans the globe? Talk to Rosetta Stone's Panos Kraniotis.

19 April 2017

Do you prefer the beauty of bespoke or beastly off-the-shelf elearning? Lisa White examines the case for both.