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Government climbdown on childcare apprenticeship entry requirements

1 July 2015

A training body that campaigned for the government to back down on the childcare apprenticeship entry requirements, is “pleased” new framework measures will be put in place.


Protyre expands apprentice scheme after successful start

30 June 2015

Protyre, the retail arm of Micheldever Tyre Services Ltd, is expanding its new scheme following the early success of a trial intake.


School leavers lag behind Europe in basic numeracy and literacy

30 June 2015

UK school leavers perform poorly against their European peers and twice the proportion lack functional skills, which is...

Are organisations getting the most out of their LMS to reduce compliance failures?

19 June 2015

LMS reports can go a long way towards providing the evidence the authorities need and can help organisations make substantial savings on legal fees. An effective LMS can support business as usual underpinned by a solid foundation of compliance, Christian Wachter says

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How to stop clashing team members disrupting performance

24 June 2015

By conducting reviews across all members of a team you will quickly be able to identify any problem areas and take the necessary steps to resolve them, Alice Withers says

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What it means to be a lifelong learner

24 June 2015

Making learning and skills more fluid and accessible will ultimately benefit the company in terms of reduced recruitment costs, Armin Hopp says

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The rise of the super project manager

24 June 2015

Emotionally intelligent organisations put working relationships above technical ability, Eddie Kilkelly says 

22 June 2015

Good management and great leadership will provide the direction necessary to help workers and the business succeed, William Buist says

24 June 2015

Blaire Palmer tells TJ what firms must do to get the best out of meetings

15 April 2015

Armin Hopp looks at how L&D can address global workforce issues