Graphic showing a change in direction

Why are businesses failing at change management?

3 August 2015

In today’s fast-moving environment, change is a crucial element of a business to develop and grow. However, recent research shows that many...

richard branson

Would you hire 'disruptive talent' like Sir Richard Branson?

27 July 2015

Sir Richard Branson has admitted he would be a difficult employee for any boss...

What set of behaviours make the best leaders graph updated

What set of behaviours make the best leaders?

28 July 2015

Andy Webber, trainer and coach at the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, on why you need someone who is driven, focused, determined and manages relationships well. 



Bob Ferguson new version

Five ways to praise and motivate your employees

24 July 2015

Bob Ferguson, a member of Toastmasters International, explains how to get the best out of your employees. 

How businesses can use creativity and innovation to boost the bottom line

22 July 2015

Doug Tucker, the MD of Sales Commando, discusses creativity in selling and how it can impact a business.


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Five things to look for in digital language training

31 July 2015

E-learning can provide an ideal environment as it gives learners the opportunity to practice speaking the language and to hear it spoken with correct pronunciation, Donavan Whyte​ says

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Seven signs you need new training management software

29 July 2015

Stuart Banbery gives his advice on the importance of upgrading your training management software

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Why staff training is often ineffective

24 July 2015

Motivation can be affected by any number of factors, from how much sleep participants have had to their understanding of why they have been sent on the training, Alice Withers says

30 July 2015

Alex Watson uncovers some of the important issues that are affecting women in the Learning and Development ...

24 June 2015

Blaire Palmer tells TJ what firms must do to get the best out of meetings