Learning Newsflash: 23 March

23 March 2017

It's another TJ learning newsflash - this week we tackle podcasting, a bit more HR, leadership, even AI in football. Read on...


Learning Newsflash: 16 March

16 March 2017

It's a TJ learning newsflash: This week it's a bit HR-heavy, but we also cover machine learning, leadership and l***ning st**es too. Get in touch if you have a...


Learning Newsflash: 9 March

9 March 2017

It's a TJ learning newsflash: Stories today cover leadership quota problems, machine learning, Uber's HR issues and more. Got a story? Tweet us....

20 tips for localising your elearning pt2

23 March 2017

Lewis Moss concludes his two-part guide to localising your elearning.

Image of hands holding a tablet

Learnings in London: Technology and management engagement

22 March 2017

Virginie Chassériau provides an insight into her personal learning at a recent gathering of the great and good in L&D.

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The skills gap: How modular buildings can engage young people in STEM

21 March 2017

How do you engage pupils, students and young people in STEM? Make their environment a place where they want to learn, says Craig Riley. 

20 tips for localising your elearning

17 March 2017

Need to make your elearning suitable for another market? Lewis Moss is on hand with some great tips to make it easier. 

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Better public speaking: Body language

28 March 2017

In this short series of blogs, Nick Gold offers expert advice and top tips on how to hone your public speaking skills to ensure you give a speech which the audience remembers for all the right reas

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How to build a learning culture to support change

24 March 2017

In an era when change is the new constant, organisations need a flexible learning culture if they are to survive.

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Rome wasn’t built in a day – and neither is a good leader!

16 March 2017

A piece of research in the 90s asked successful senior leaders in a range of different organisations where they thought they had got their skills and knowledge from.

3 November 2016

Meet the man with a mission to change perceptions around gang violence and to give the disadvantaged hope for a better future.

10 October 2016

Inspiring people and challenging projects have shaped Brid Nunn’s L&D experience. Now she shares some of her most exciting work with TJ.

24 February 2017

Recording of the TJ discussion webinar from February 2017 about using webinar technology for conversation-led learning. A different format from the normal #TJwow webinars as this was an adaptation of the Online Educa Berlin speaking session.

27 March 2017

Is your business ready for the Apprenticeship Levy? Sheila Attwood breaks down how you can benefit. 

27 March 2017

What makes leaders ready for anything? Emotional intelligence and flexibility, says Ben Houghton.