TJ Newsflash: 17 September

17 September 2020

In this week's newsflash we get existential. Read on for enlightenment... 

TJ Newsflash: 10 September

10 September 2020

Nice guys/gals don't always finish last! This and other revelations in the week's newsflash.

TJ Newsflash: 3 September

3 September 2020

Stories from L&D plus gravity-defying liquid, this week in the newsflash.

How to engage employees through furlough pt2

21 September 2020

In part two of a guide to engaging employees during furlough Julie Cameron looks at the practical aspects once people return to work.

From the archive: Leading from the bottom

21 September 2020

One of the benefits of being a TJ subscriber is full access to our decades-long archive of content - here we look back to a piece about leadership from October 2012.

Book excerpt: Free to Soar - Race and Wellbeing in Organisations

21 September 2020

In an excerpt from 'Free to Soar: Race and Wellbeing in Organisations', a new book edited by TJ contributor Binna Kandola, psychologists Guilaine Kinouani and Ruri Proto look at the intersection of race, mental health, wellbeing and impostor syndrome.

What's your blind spot?

18 September 2020

This month Elke asks: What’s your blind spot?

A leap of faith

16 September 2020

Salma Shah tells TJ why she launched a coach training programme with D&I as its central core.

28 July 2020
Lightbulb Moment founder Jo Cook talks to L&D veteran Donald H Taylor about relationships within L&D and how to successfully engage with the wider business.  
15 September 2020
Paul Kennedy, co-founder of the consultancy PerformHQ, interviews Dr. Richard Hale about the future of organisational leadership.
4 September 2020
Caroline Gleeson outlines how a progressive and open workplace can be achieved.