TJ Newsflash: 16 January

16 January 2020

Apprenticeships, workplace etiquette, and why you need to forget what was once ‘best in class’.

TJ Newsflash: 9 January

9 January 2020

Fake apprenticeships, transphobia, failure - it's all happening in this week's newsflash.

Leadership is a life skill

24 January 2020

It’s time to change our mindset around the nature of leadership, says Elke Edwards.

What should I work on in my mentoring relationship?

17 January 2020

Laura Francis has the answer.

15 January 2020
Conor Gilligan talks about learning agility with Johanna Bolin Tingvall, global head of GreenHouse, the learning and development function at Spotify.
20 January 2020
Ben Hunt-Davis MBE reveals the three areas you need to work on to give your talks listener-appeal.