Learning Newsflash: 20 July

20 July 2017

It's Thursday - it's newsflash time. Dig into these stories and get in touch if you have a good one!

Learning Newsflash: 13 July

13 July 2017

Time for a learning newsflash - we cover apprenticeships, workplace wellbeing, HR and leadership. Have a read today.

Learning Newsflash: 6 July

6 July 2017

Extra! Extra! Get all the latest L&D, HR and tech stories here...

The TJ podcast: July 2017

20 July 2017

Jon and Jo get to grips with rock stars, ninjas and other CV nonsense, Jude Germain talks about her new book The Maverick Paradox, Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs gets put on trial, and team working is the focus for this month's magazine and webinar.

The keys to influencing culture

18 July 2017

In the final article of our series, Laura Overton provides practical, evidence-based insights into influencing culture.


Junior doctors: Leadership development starts at medical school

20 July 2017

Junior doctor Rebecca Crosby discusses why leadership is so crucial in critical situations.

Race equality: Great progress comes from great discomfort

18 July 2017

Tracie Jolliff explains why working through discomfort in pursuit of insight and understanding can achieve great progress when striving for race equality.