TJ Newsflash: 24 May

24 May 2018

Is it that time again? All your newsflash needs, listed beneath. We kick off with a great checklist of positive behaviours. 

TJ Newsflash: 17 May

17 May 2018

This is the news. This week our news stories are focusing on places a bit further afield...

TJ Newsflash: 10 May

10 May 2018

Soft skills and modern leadership challenges head up this week's TJ Newsflash. Read on for more.

Find the right balance to make 20% work

22 May 2018

Our newest blogger, Fay Gibbin, sets her stall out with a post about the Apprenticeship Levy.

Accountability in learning transfer

21 May 2018

Paul Matthews highlights a key part of effective learning transfer: accountability. 

17 May 2018
To cap off Mental Health Awareness Week, we interview Matt Bingham to get the American perspective on stress and productivity.
6 April 2018
Jon talks to Amir Elion of SkillReal about virtual humans, AI, Black Mirror, Spider-Man and more.  
17 May 2018
To coincide with Learning at Work Week, Steve Wainwright looks to the future of workplace learning.
14 May 2018
The last in an exclusive series of three articles for Training Journal, Elva Ainsworth, will features an extract from her new book, ‘Reboot Your Reputation'.