June 2015

The focus of this month’s edition is neuroscience and learning 

In last month’s edition of TJ, Nigel Paine started his series on Game changers for learning, with an exploration of neuroscience. We continue the theme in this month’s issue with a broad range of articles exploring the theory, practice and myths surrounding this subject and its application in learning.

Why is neuroscience such an important subject for learning and development professionals to grasp? Before the explosion of scientific discovery in the 19th century, medicine and public health was a practice based on an accumulation of trial-and-error knowledge along with current fashion and a dash of hocus pocus! The growth in the understanding of anatomy, biology and biochemistry revolutionised medical practice and now developments in neuroscience are offering the same opportunities
to practitioners.

However, given the surge of interest in the topic, how do we separate the truth from the myths that abound. Stella Collins tackles this aspect head on (p29) by offering a set of questions to ask when trying to determine the quality of the information being offered.

Clearly neuroscience does have the capacity to inform and change the way we work but there has to be a caveat – make sure you do your research well.

Entries for the TJ Awards are arriving now, and with only a few weeks until the closing date, it is imperative to start your application as soon as possible. The closing date for entries is Friday 3rd July at 5pm and there will be no extension to this deadline this year – so make sure your application is with us by the closing date as we cannot accept anything submitted after that day.
To find out more visit www.trainingjournalawards.com or email awards@trainingjournal.com.

As most of you will know TJ is 50 years old this year and to mark the occasion we are hosting a day of learning and celebration. As always, the focus will be on improving learning and development practice with an emphasis on keeping ahead of trends in the field.

Nigel Paine will be opening the day with a keynote on game changers in corporate L&D, Andy Lancaster will be outlining 10 vital changes that need to be made to transform workplace learning delivery and David James will be looking at how technology and social media can democratise learning.

There will, of course, be much more on offer during the day including lots of networking breaks to help you connect with peers and some TJ’s most well-known contributors. Save the date – 10th July, London.  Find out more at www.trainingjournalconference.com where you can book a place.

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