AI for the Average Joe – Experimenting with GPTs

AI (Artificial intelligence) written as an overlay on a person using a laptop.

This interview with Editor Jo Cook on the AI for the Average Joe video podcast is for anyone interested in the intersection of AI, L&D, and the broader challenges of adapting to technological change

Summary by ChatGPT:

In this episode of AI for the Average Joe, hosts Erica and Haley are thrilled to feature Jo Cook as their expert guest. Jo, adorned humorously with a cap at the start, delves into her role as the editor of Training Journal and emphasises her passion for encouraging individuals to share their experiences and expertise, underlining that everyone has something valuable to contribute.

Jo discusses the challenges and responsibilities of her role, especially in the rapidly evolving fields of AI and L&D. She highlights the importance of embracing change and maintaining a growth mindset, essential traits for professionals in any field, particularly in L&D. Jo’s approach to her work is driven by a curiosity to explore new perspectives, especially those of newcomers to the L&D industry, rather than succumbing to cynicism or repeating trends.

The conversation also touches on the impact of AI across various sectors, including L&D. Jo shares her personal journey of becoming more engaged with AI, recognising its inevitable influence on her work and the broader industry. This acknowledgment led her to explore AI tools, such as ChatGPT, for practical applications like content creation and social media engagement. Jo’s experiments with AI demonstrate its potential to save time and enhance productivity, but she also cautions about its limitations, including accuracy and the importance of human review.

Jo’s story is a testament to the blend of enthusiasm, expertise, and experimentation needed to navigate the complexities of modern L&D landscapes. Her journey underscores the critical role of professionals in guiding and shaping the conversation around AI and L&D, ensuring a balanced and informed approach to technological advancements.