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At GBS, we aspire to create an environment where our students can explore new possibilities, realise their true potential and make progress towards the careers they want

The entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of everything we do at GBS. We provide students and staff with a platform to discover new ideas and innovations — creating the opportunity to find solutions that elevate our institution and the communities we serve.

Many of our students are older and are returning to education later in life and half of our student base are small business owners. As people move on in life, other responsibilities become more important than a long-standing desire to return to higher education. GBS has created a feasible way to get back into the classroom with flexible learning designed to fit in with our student’s lifestyles.

We provide the ideal educational space to gain new skills and experiences, build confidence and realise their potential for a brighter future. Our students have worked hard to reach where they are, and they possess high aspirations for their futures. The only thing they were missing was the right opportunity at an institution that believed in their potential and provided the flexibility to support their busy lifestyles. GBS has stepped in to be that institution, with a great desire to see people from a wide variety of backgrounds get the opportunities in education that they deserve.

We are working towards the change we want to see in higher education and the wider world — and the progress we have made is the ambition that will take us to the next level.

Working towards a better society for all is the reason why.

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