TJ Newsflash: 8 May

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The latest learning news and research personally compiled by TJ’s Editor, Jo Cook

Survey shows 96% of employees aim for TED-level speaking, only 9% succeed

Kahoot!, the global learning and engagement platform company, today unveiled insights from its latest workplace survey, diving into the challenges professionals face when it comes to delivering presentations. The new survey, “Superstar Presenter Spotlight,” reveals a significant gap among professionals who present: only 9% believe they have TED-level presentation skills with 96% of respondents showing interest in dedicated presenter training at work. The Kahoot! survey identified audience engagement as the primary challenge (53%) presenters face in workplace presentations, highlighting an opportunity to enhance communication strategies by incorporating aspects characteristic of TED talks.

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Fosway Group publishes its latest disruptive insights paper focusing on large enterprise learning systems

Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR Industry analyst, is about to publish its latest Disruptive Insights paper. Following on from the recent publication of papers covering ‘Collaborative Learning’, and ‘Programmatic Learning’, the subject in the analysts’ sights this time is ‘Large Enterprise Learning Systems’. The paper is co-authored by Fiona Leteney and David Wilson.

After 10 months of interviews, countless drafts and a resulting paper clocking in at 8,000+ words, Fosway Group has produced one of the definitive analyses of this segment of the learning market.

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Research into graduates’ soft skills unveils concerns in younger workforce with 98% of businesses crying out for more investment

Global Learning and Development (L&D) leader Development Beyond Learning (DBL) challenges the remaining 2% of businesses that think it’s unnecessary to invest and instead, call for action across the board to remove barriers to Gen Z performing well in the workplace.

DBL’s research highlights a number of areas of concern that are now shaping the working environment for graduates and without the right resolution, their future careers and that of their employers’ graduate workforce is not looking optimistic.

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72% of prison learners completing hospitality programme and more than half of those released successfully securing employment

Prison leavers face many challenges upon release and finding stable employment can often be one of the most significant. The stability that a job can provide both financially and in terms of readjusting to life outside of prison is incredibly valuable but for many people the barriers they face can feel insurmountable. With many prison leavers having already been unemployed before their time in prison and a number having only limited or out of date qualifications, applying for and securing a job can be a huge obstacle to overcome. 

One charity working to address these obstacles and help prepare prison inmates for life and work outside of prison is The Right Course. Focused on creating opportunities for prison leavers in hospitality and catering, The Right Course addresses both the barriers to employment that people face upon leaving prison and the labour shortage currently facing the hospitality sector.  

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Study shows female-founded tech companies excel in employee satisfaction and retention

A new study finds employees in companies with female founders report being happier with their work/life balance, company diversity, and salary compensation, as well as stay in their roles longer, compared to male-founded tech companies.

The CTO Club carried out the study, which analysed 20 of the fastest-growing technology companies from around the world with female and male founders. Looking at, scores were given by employees on each category of company culture, diversity, work/life balance, compensation and career progression. Data on the median average tenure of employees was gathered from

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