TJ Newsflash: 15 May

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The latest learning news and research personally compiled by TJ’s Editor, Jo Cook

The Business of Training Conference partners with TJ!

By partnering with TJ, Inmisceo highlights the need for development in the training provider community, including their Blended Stories webinar series.

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A leading climate and sustainability training provider, has secured £1 million in funding to accelerate its mission to create 100 million nature-first employees

Whilst many companies are committed to achieving net zero, there is often a critical gap in knowledge and action. AimHi Earth is urgently upskilling workers at all levels to incorporate sustainability into their decision-making and equips sustainability teams with the data they need to engage their workforce in the long-run.

The funding is backed by tech and finance entrepreneurs Nicco Perra, Sam Wisnia and The Climate Planet Foundation. With this investment, AimHi Earth can continue its mission to provide essential training to workers across all sectors to combat the climate emergency. The Climate Planet Foundation invests in projects that equip people with the knowledge and skills to enact real change.

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HR disconnect in employee experience perceptions

Only 13% of UK employees, and 20% of employees worldwide, currently rate their employee experience as ‘excellent’, compared with 64% of HR and Reward professionals who claim that their organisation is delivering an ‘excellent’ employee experience.

New research from Benefex, the leading employee benefits and reward platform, reveals how a substantial gulf is emerging between employers and employees when it comes to evaluations around the quality of employee experience. And much of this is being driven by an alarming decline in employee sentiment when it comes to the experiences they get at work. In 2023, 38% of employees around the world rated their employee experience as excellent, compared to only 20% today.

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Invest in your professional growth for free during Learning at Work Week

In recognition of Learning at Work Week 2024 (13th-19th May), Intellek is offering everyone free access to a library of online training courses. During the LAWW event, individuals can register to take as many classes as they’d like at no cost from an extensive curriculum spanning essential business skills, leadership development, digital transformation, cybersecurity, DE&I, and popular workplace software.

This limited-time opportunity allows anyone to conveniently expand their capabilities from anywhere through Intellek’s flexible, self-paced eLearning platform. By devoting just a few hours to professional development, individuals can gain new skills to accelerate their career growth, increase their marketability, drive more impact, and unlock future opportunities.

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Mental health must be prioritised by employers

With Mental Health Awareness Week taking place from 13 to 19 May 2024, Towergate Health & Protection is keen to increase understanding that mental health underpins all other aspects of health and wellbeing and it must be prioritised by employers, as work is an ideal place to provide support.  

Debra Clark, head of wellbeing at Towergate Health & Protection says: “Wellbeing is supported by four pillars: mental, financial, physical, and social. They are all intrinsically linked and if an employee is experiencing challenges with one aspect, it is likely to impact more areas of their overall wellbeing. Some say that mental health underpins everything to do with a person’s health and wellbeing and, therefore, any mental health issue will impact an employee in their workplace as well as their home life.”

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UK executives say that their workforce are not prepared for change

A recent study conducted by Cornerstone OnDemand has found a worrying trend. The vast majority (63%) of UK executives view their workforce as underprepared for change; the inverse of this finding is chilling, with workers who don’t have access to the right training being five times more likely to say they aren’t adaptable to change. 

There is clearly a significant disparity between the skills that employees possess and those that they need – a “Workforce Readiness Gap”. For companies, this means challenges in maintaining their competitiveness, addressing skills shortages, keeping capable employees motivated and agile – all while bringing everyone on board.

Cornerstone has recognised this and, in response has launched Cornerstone Galaxy, an AI-driven platform for workforce agility aimed at closing the Workforce Readiness Gap.

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Is your organisation and it’s people ready for AI?

Organisations worldwide (60%) are now investing more in AI technology and tools than in hiring and retaining employees, according to G-P (Globalization Partners)’s new report, “AI at Work: Unlocking Global Opportunities”.

The report also shows that although executives worldwide see AI as a key tool for success, 98% predict their organisation will need to create new roles to implement and monitor AI successfully.

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