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Creating a culture of Engagement and Accountability


61 percent of respondents from a recent survey focused on employee engagement and accountability reported that they were accountable, but only 35 percent of those same respondents felt that others

Mobile strategies for corporate training- A handbook


In 2014, spending on corporate training grew by 15%.

TJ Media Kit 2015


Now available for download and new for 2015-  The Training Journal Media Kit.

The ROI of Talent Management


This paper from Cornerstone explores the business impact of talent management

Learning & Development 2014/15


This report details the results of CIPD and Cornerstone's 2014 learning & development (L&D) survey.

5 Ways High Growth Companies Can Achieve Higher Employee Engagement


Employee engagement can make or break a business in a couple of important ways. For one thing, high employee engagement typically translates to low employee turnover.

A Black Paper on NEETs and Apprenticeships

A Black Paper on NEETs and Apprenticeships


Martyn Sloman offers his personal reflections on the current employment and skills crisis for the under 24s and makes recommendations for change

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How to Develop your First-Line Leaders


This whitepaper from Forum looks at first-line leaders, the important role that they play in an organisation, and what considerations to make when planning their development.

Graduate Recruitment - Advice for L&D


Learn howto recruit new graduates for your workplace - and how to nurture and develop their talent

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Training for skills in crisis – a critique and some recommendations


This White Paper, published by TJ, is written by Martyn Sloman as a call to action to address the skills crisis facing 16 – 24 year olds today.

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How Great Leaders Drive Results Through Employee Engagement


This whitepaper from Forum explains Employee Engagement in depth. Download it today to learn what factors contribute to a highly-engaged workforce, and discover what practical actions leaders should take to grow and maintain engagement across your organisation.

How can leaders increase Employee Engagement?


Learn how to target leadership actions to the specific needs of your employees, how to boost levels of engagement and how to map the strengths within your organisation.

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Learning & Development Best Practice


This white paper from Kaplan explores Learning & Development best practice before, during and after training and is designed to help improve your L&D strategy and provide support and guidan

Learndirect White Paper

Ability x Skills + (Knowledge) = the right formula for change?


learndirect says there is a crisis of competence amongst too many of today's jobseekers.

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The Essential Guide to Apprenticeships 2013/14


This 32-page report, published by TJ in association with the National Apprenticeship Service and learndirect gives a step-by-step guide to making the most out of apprenticeships in your company.


The Behaviour Change Handbook


Forum conducted a global survey and discovered that only 14% of companies are effective at getting behaviour change to stick.  Forum has created the Behaviour Change Handbook for leaders who w


The Training Top 50 2013


Published each year, the Training Top 50 report charts the success of the UK' s top training providers and ranks their performance over the past 12 months based on turnover.

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The new vocational currency: investing for success


This new report from learndirect explores in detail how Level 3 and 4 qualifications can benefit your business and employees, and validates the future value of higher level vocatio