TJ Newsflash: 16 March

This week’s round up of the best interviews, stories and research from TJ’s editor

KPMG Insights features an interview with three cybersecurity experts on the risks involved in hybrid or remote working. FE News has an interview with the chief executive of the Prisoners’ Education Trust that shows the woeful state of reform through education. With eLearning Africa approaching in May – read about the new platform developed in Africa that aims to revolutionise delivery of education. While Forbes provides five tips for making Zoom calls more interesting.

What are the risks of hybrid working? KPMG Insights

Interview with Jon Collins, chief executive, prisoners Education Trust – FE News

TooShare – the African Network Revolutionising EdTech – Learning News

How to Have Effective Zoom Meetings – And Make Them Less Boring – Forbes 

Gene-Edited Brain Organoids Are Unlocking the Secrets of Autism – Wired 


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