TJ Newsflash: 1 June

Returning from a bit of a break, TJ’s editor selects the latest news from the world of business, technology and learning

Some interesting stories this week. Top of the list is LinkedIn Learning’s 2022 Workplace Learning Report – not be missed by anyone in the field of workplace learning and development. June is Pride month, so we recommend reading a great article from McKinsey on what it means to be transgender at work. What are the challenges of ‘everything as a Service’ (XaaS) – KPMG Insights offer advice. Plus WIRED on how GDPR isn’t working and news from the BBC that Ofcom say big tech firms need to put safety above revenue. 

2022 Workplace Learning Report, The Transformation of L&D – LinkedIn Learning

Being transgender at work – McKinsey  

How GDPR Is Failing – WIRED 

Future of XaaS – KPMG Insights 

Ofcom: Tech firms must do more to protect women online – BBC News 



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