New white paper helps L&D teams to maximise the benefits of digital learning

The new paper examines the evolution of digital learning, the benefits it provides and the challenges of implementation

Learning specialist Hemsley Fraser has launched a new white paper to help L&D teams inspire employees and transform organisational effectiveness by using digital learning options to deliver high quality learning content and performance support.

Developed in response to recent research from the CIPD – which found that 64 per cent of L&D professionals don’t have the capabilities to support learners online – the new paper examines the evolution of digital learning, the benefits it provides and the challenges of implementation. Called Digitally Minded: Are you Fit for the Future?, the paper includes examples of good practice and it advocates that L&D teams need a new way of thinking about the possibilities of delivering learning, a belief in the potential of digital assets and the courage to try something new.

Lynsey Whitmarsh, Hemsley Fraser’s head of digital and innovation, said: “Making high quality learning content more accessible, via smartphones and tablets, can not only excite learners and appeal to different learning styles, it also enables L&D teams to offer greater choice and demonstrate the impact and benefit of the learning.” 

The paper highlights that a wide range of digital learning options are now available, including online courses, webinars, digital books, learning apps, infographics and video content. 

“Digital learning can be used before, during, after or even instead of classroom training, depending on the need. L&D teams can now effectively offer employees a ‘pick and mix’ menu of options that can enhance or even replace some of their face-to-face provision,” Whitmarsh added. 

According to the paper, the biggest challenge to overcome with digital learning is choosing and curating the right content. 

“A great deal of choice exists with digital learning, so help may be required to determine exactly which digital learning options will meet your specific needs. With the right combination of digital learning options, you can create a personalised learning experience for individuals, giving them true flexibility in how they learn.” 

“L&D teams need to open their minds to the possibilities of digital learning and discover how other organisations are using it to generate real business improvements,” Whitmarsh concluded.

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