TJ Newsflash: 27 July

A roundup of the best news, views and research for all those involved in managing and developing people in all types of organisations, large and small, across the globe.

Global Talent Trends 2022: Rise of the relatable organization – Mercer 
New research from Mercer concludes that after two-years of traumatic separation, caused by the pandemic, there is a fundamental shift in people’s perceptions of work with employees now holding the upper hand with organisations having to meet their demands to win valuable talent. 

What benefits would you most like with your job? – Bionic
Following on from Mercer’s research a recent survey from Bionic showed that the most desired workplace perk was flexible working (51.40%), with days off for birthdays (30%) and private healthcare (27.60%) being second and third – read the full story to get an insider view of what benefits just might win over that hire! 

The wellbeing strategy workbook: How to drive culture change and help your people build positive habits that stick – Westfield Health
Continuing on the theme of attracting and retaining talent Westfield Health’s new ebook The wellbeing strategy workbook is a great way to test that your culture aligns with the values of your people. 

How can CFOs rebrand themselves as innovation allies? – McKinsey
Many business unit see finance as an obstacle, rather than a supporter of innovation – a belief that is hard to dispute as CFOs struggles to ensure that their business don’t overstretch and destroy themselves in the process! This article from McKinsey offers five steps for CFOs to follow that will improve setting targets, increase performance measurement and build organisational culture to bring about successful innovation. 

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