TJ Newsflash: 13 July

The TJ team has assembled a varied and challenging reading list for this week! We hope it inspires, informs and educates in equal measure.

There is encouraging news from German, automotive giant Mercedes-Benz who have announced a €1.3 billion investment in skills triggered by a recognition that their workforce needs to be ready for the electrification and digitalisation impacting their industry. In a longer read, Deloitte looks at business strategy and how the predictive methods of the past do not fit our current world of fluctuating uncertainties.

Also this week Wired takes a closer look at the digital divide and how to reduce the gaps. While last week the inaugural Wellbeing Research & Policy Conference took place in Oxford find out the latest below. The climate crisis is under scrutiny at Byline Times – and it doesn’t pull its punches.

Mercedes-Benz is investing more than €1.3 billion in the qualification of its employees –  Mercedes-Benz

Strategy and the art of the possible: How listening to the business ecosystem can turn unpredictability into opportunity – Deloitte

The Digital Divide Is Coming for You – Wired

Interdisciplinary Research on Wellbeing at the University of Oxford – University of Oxford

We Need to Stop Pretending we can Limit Global Warming to 1.5°C – Byline Times


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