TJ Newsflash: 11 August

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Written by Debbie Carter on 11 August 2022 in News

Here’s the latest bulletin of specially selected news, views and research from the TJ editorial team.

Employer views on skills policy in the UK – CPID

New research from the CIPD highlights that the majority of employers (57%) still mainly look for degrees or post-graduate qualifications when recruiting staff. By having such a narrow focus on qualifications, employers could be missing out on key talent, exacerbating skills gaps and reducing employment opportunities for people. 

Learning and earning: the bold moves that change careers – McKinsey

McKinsey’s report on human capital highlights the importance of internal mobility in organisations. They urge employers to encourage their employees to try more new things.

The Learning Network calls for change – LN

The Learning Network have announced the return of their conference on Tuesday 15 November in London. They will be examining the learning community and asking what needs to change – for the benefit and that of their people.

The Definitive Guide to Learning: Growth in the Flow of Work – Josh Bersin

New research from Josh Bersin suggests that although corporate training has come a long way and is now more integrated within the business-as-usual, employees crave a more “stretching” experience in their working lives and will go elsewhere if internal career growth paths aren’t obvious. Such a move, the study adds, would also simultaneously help fill the gaps in more skilled roles organisations are struggling to fill right now.

What Twitter’s Move to Shutter Offices Signals for Big Tech – Wired

As companies start to cut costs by embracing remote setups, but what happens to the hubs they leave behind?


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