Learning at Work Week: A complimentary training activity from Northgate

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Written by Zoe Lane on 13 May 2021 in Features

As a National Activity Partner, Northgate Training Activities has developed a free interactive training activity to support learning events put on by L&D departments in organisations across the UK.

What’s the free activity?

For this year's theme of 'Made for Learning', Northgate has developed an activity focusing on the mechanics of effective teamwork. It lasts just 30 minutes excluding the debrief and can be used in both virtual and face-to-face training.

It has been specifically designed to allow team members to reflect on their own behaviour when working in a team. The task involves delegates reading through their individual briefs (which are subtly different).

On the face of it, teams see the activity as being about brainstorming. However, this is not the main point of the activity. It’s really about team dynamics. One delegate is (unknown to others in the team) given a specific, potentially disruptive role (in fact they are briefed to remain silent throughout!).

The question is: will the rest of team realise what is happening? Or will the session continue with no one taking any notice of the problem? Will attempts be made to include the person, to try to engage them and bring them in, or to at least question their behaviour? All too often, in reality, teams lack awareness of what is happening in a group and for whatever reasons, say or do, nothing.

Northgate’s activity is a great way to investigate team dynamics and challenge delegates to be more conscious about their own and other people’s behaviours. Productivity is dependent on everyone in a team pulling their weight, helping fellow team members and noticing where someone is not involved or fully engaged.  This activity is a great way to make a straightforward but serious point – with a light touch. 

How can I claim Northgate’s free activity?

To claim the free Northgate Training activity, simply email client.support@northgatetraining.co.uk and mention TJ & Learning at Work Week and you will receive it via email.

What is Learning at Work Week?

Learning at Work Week is an annual event in May organised by the Campaign for Learning. It aims highlight the importance and benefits of learning and development at work. Supported by National Activity Partners, you can find lots of information and resources on the Learning at Week website: https://www.campaign-for-learning.org.uk/pages/news/category/learning-at-work-week.

Who can take part?

All organisations are invited to mark Learning at Work Week. All types and size of organisation take part including multinationals, SMEs, public sector organisations and government departments. Events are led and organised by HR and L&D colleagues, ULRs, learning champions, marketing and communication colleagues and often delivered collaboratively.


About the author

Zoe Lane is Business Development Manager at Northgate Training Activities, suppliers of experiential training activities since 1979.


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