TJ Newsflash: 28 February

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The latest learning news and research personally compiled by TJ’s Editor, Jo Cook

AI on learning web show

On Learning Now TV this month, Dr Philippa Hardman talks to Robin Hoyle on how AI is being implemented in learning and performance roles.

The next Learning Now TV live-streamed programme is on Thursday Feb 29 at 10 am UK time. And the full programme will be available on catch up from the LNTV website three days later.

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Neuroinclusion should be part of your EDI strategy and is vital to the future of work

There is a strong business case for neuroinclusive workplaces, relating to talent and underuse of skills, but also pursuing equality of outcomes for all is simply the right thing to do. Facing skills shortages, organisations need to think more inclusively about how they recruit and retain talented people. In addition, the business case for EDI has highlighted the importance of ‘diversity of thought’.

This report from the CIPD and Uptimize discusses the findings from an employer and an employee survey to examine the importance of having a neuroinclusive workplace. We look at what employers are currently doing in this area as well as offer insight from employees themselves about their working experiences.  

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Beyond the hype: capturing the potential of AI and gen AI

Some leaders are moving to seize the moment and implement gen AI in their organizations at scale, but others remain in the pilot stage, and some have yet to decide what to do. If companies are to remain competitive and relevant in the coming years, it is essential that executives understand the potential impact of gen AI and develop the strategies necessary to incorporate it into their operations.

McKinsey has conducted extensive research into how to embed gen AI to ensure that the technology delivers meaningful value.

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Frontline and mobile workers feel undervalued

UK deskless workers feel considerably less valued at work compared with their desk-based colleagues. Just 43% of UK deskless workers admit to feeling seen, valued and appreciated compared to 61% of desk-based corporate employees. These are the findings from O.C. Tanner’s 2024 Global Culture Report which have been released to coincide with Employee Appreciation Day (1 March 2024).

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Over half of employees feel embarrassed about their financial literacy, survey reveals

More than half of UK employees (51%) are embarrassed about their level of financial literacy, according to a new survey by leading employee benefits and engagement partner, Pluxee UK.

In the midst of rising living costs, the current UK workplace has overlooked the crucial necessity of providing employees with essential financial education. Consequently, workers grapple with financial challenges, impacting both their health and accumulating debt.

The research finds that only 46% of HR professionals actively promote a culture of financial openness, with a mere 16% of employees actually feeling this support at work.

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92% of employers to support employees due to cost-of-living crisis

Research issued yesterday by Towergate Health & Protection reveals that a huge 92% of employers either have increased, or are intending to increase, the support offered to employees specifically due to the cost-of-living crisis.

Increasing salary is the most common way in which employers are tackling the issues their employees are facing with the cost-of-living crisis, but there are also some more creative options and employers should ensure they are taking a well-rounded approach to tackling the issue, thus supporting all four pillars of health and wellbeing.

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