TJ Newsflash: 24 August

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Labour Market Outlook: Summer 2022 – CIPD 

The CIPD’s latest Labour Market Outlook says the UK’s hiring boom is set to continue into the next quarter as private sector pay awards reach new highs. The labour market remains tight and candidates are hard to come by. Employers are pulling out all the stops to attract, and crucially, retain staff.

BTec delays: ‘If it was A-levels this would’ve been sorted quicker’ – BBC News 

For thousands of BTec students, this year’s results day came and went without an outcome – after a delay in issuing grades. The BBC interviews two young people affected by the delay and suggest it’s another example of the under-valuing of vocational qualification.

Research reveals most Googled employee training questions – digits

New research suggests that it’s not just employees that turn to Google when they want to find out more about training at work – their bosses are probably doing it too.

The Future Could Be Blissful—if Humans Don’t Go Extinct First – WIRED 

WIRED’s interview with long-termist philosopher William MacAskill about human extinction, Elon Musk, and his new book, What We Owe the Future.

Why Wellbeing Needs to Become a Business Goal – King’s College London 
Researchers from King’s College London have conducted a study in collaboration with burnout prevention organisation Softer Success® to identify the wellbeing challenges being faced by business leaders in the UK, and to identify factors that may help avoid high work demands leading to burnout. 


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