Revolutionise your L&D strategy with the market’s most powerful benchmarking tool

Emerald Works tell us why benchmarking – and the Learning Health Check – is so important.

Over 17 years of cutting-edge research has culminated in the Learning Health Check, the single most powerful benchmarking tool on the global learning and development market—and it’s freely accessible to all. The LHC has been met with near-universal acclaim, so today we delve into the story behind its remarkable success—and how it continues to transform organisations the world over.

Half a century in the making

The Learning Health Check is the brainchild of Emerald Works, an international elearning conglomerate whose evidence-based learning solutions empower people to effect real, long-lasting change throughout their organisations.

Emerald Works are themselves part of the Emerald Group, and their ethos has remained staunch and unwavering for the last 53 years: change lives through the power of learning.

Today, the Emerald Group’s pioneering spirit continues to forge a path for fresh, original thinking in both academia and practice. In many ways, the LHC is the apex of what the Emerald Group stands for: challenging convention, inspiring debate, and putting into practice only that which matters most – regardless of where an organisation is in its journey.

What is the Learning Health Check?

The LHC is the most comprehensive review on the global L&D market, and the only free, independent and confidential benchmark available to L&D professionals. It draws on strong evidence to compare your learning and performance activities with those of thousands of other companies, and then generates robust insights and actionable tips to improve your organisation’s L&D strategy.

How does the Learning Health Check work?

The LHC is a series of carefully constructed questions, specially designed to measure and assess the impact of your organisation’s current L&D strategies and goals.

97% of participants say the LHC not only improved their learning strategy, but that it also empowered their people to perform to their full potential. Yet despite its astonishing efficacy, the LHC takes a mere 40 minutes to complete, during which time it will help you:

  • identify and prioritise key action areas
  • shed light on missed opportunities
  • create and review strategic plans
  • build a business case based on evidence
  • foster a culture of high-impact learning.

Your instant, tailored feedback will not only highlight areas for improvement, but will also suggest specific solutions to your strategy’s pitfalls, and illustrate in black and white how your organisation holds up against the competition. You’ll also gain exclusive access to a personalised, interactive results dashboard, enabling you to explore every facet of your organisation’s L&D strategy, including:

  • culture
  • barriers
  • alignment
  • trends in technologies
  • digitalisation
  • strategy in practice
  • learning design
  • leadership

The LHC precisely benchmarks your position against that of your competitors, using your data to calculate how your organisation is performing in relation to the four critical levers of business: growth, transformation, productivity and profitability. (It also considers sustainability when it comes to not-for-profit organisations.)

How has COVID-19 impacted the Learning Health Check?

The LHC is robust and grounded in evidence, because it undergoes continual development in partnership with academia and methodology specialists, L&D practitioners, business leaders and subject matter experts. COVID-19 threw the veritable spanner in the works, naturally – but the LHC remained best in class, such are its relevance and flexibility.

Ever since the global pandemic first took hold and shook every organisation to its core, Emerald Works has been collecting real-time data on its impact on L&D. Even as we near the end of 2020, their experts still endeavour to support companies across the globe in reimagining their learning offerings – and you can help.

Your unique insights into the impact of COVID-19 on your organisation will help Emerald Works shape our collective understanding of how learning offerings must evolve and adapt in light of this unprecedented economic crisis.

In fact, complete the Learning Health Check today and Emerald Works will grant you early access to the results of their COVID-19 research, nudging you one step ahead of the competition in reacting to the volatile business landscape that has plagued 2020.

Reflect on your learning – and let the LHC do the rest

Time and again for over 15 years, the Learning Health Check has proven invaluable in transforming businesses into high-performing learning organisations. By analysing your vision, practice, process, digitalisation and pain points, the LHC establishes exactly where you are, highlights where you want to be – and provides actionable tips on how to get there faster.

Emerald Works encourages every learning professional to take part in the LHC, and to set aside some time to optimise their organisations’ current L&D strategies – especially in the wake of COVID-19. Their team of experts will help you interpret your results, and guide you to execute smart decisions which deliver a positive, long-term effect.

97% of participants agree that taking the LHC inspired them to effect new, impactful changes across their L&D strategies – and it can help your organisation, too. In the time it takes to enjoy a well-earned coffee break, you can reflect on your learning – then head into 2021 with clear, actionable goals and a revitalised, optimistic mindset.

Complete your very own Learning Health Check today – but don’t delay. The LHC closes on 31 December.



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