TJwow webinar recording September – communication

Recording of the TJ discussion webinar from September 2016 about communication.


September 15th 10am UK time – COMMUNICATION:
Is communication the most important competency for an L&D professional?


Watch mobile-friendly MP4 here

On this discussion webinar was Join Neville Pritchard, ceo of HR in Flow Ltd, Managing Director of Nancarrow Partnerships, Issy Nancarrow, and Con Sotidis, Solutions Architect at Kineo.

Together with the attendees, they discussed that a lot of the problems in organisations are, ultimately, the result of poor communication in one form or another. As a learning and development professional in the 21st century, is communication the core competency of our role now?

Communication skills involve influencing, challenging, questioning, listening and so much more. This can lead to good consultancy and networking skills, along with business and performance focus.

Modern communication also includes a variety of ways to communicate, including remotely and those that are based on technology. How can we manage or be comfortable with these skills in a complex world?

What’s your view – that this is the core competency in modern L&D? And if so, how do we manage this and improve this skill?

Watch a 5 min Adobe Connect recording with Neville Pritchard (@NevilleJP), talking about how communication is part of business acumen

Watch a 5 min Adobe Connect recording with Issy Nancarrow (@IssyNancarrow), talking about how communication a journey to whatever the organisation needs from it’s learning solutions

Watch a 5 min Adobe Connect recording with Con Sotidis (@LearnKotch), talking about how authentic communication is essential


Outcomes from the session

At the end of the discussion attendees were asked what action they would take, and here are their answers for you to consider for your own take-aways:

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