TJwow webinar recording May 2016 launch week – social media

Recording of the TJ discussion webinar from May 2016 about using social media for professional development.

Tuesday 24th May – Why should I use social media for my own professional development?

A look at how some L&D professionals have used social media successfully in their work and their career development, why it’s important to all of us and how we can start or continue.



With Con Sotidis:

Watch a 5 min Adobe Connect recording with Con Sotidis (@LearnKotch), talking about what’s coming up in this social media webinar

With Michelle Parry-Slater:

Watch a 3.5 min Adobe Connect recording with Michelle Parry-Slater (@MiPS1608), talking about social media and communities

With Sukh Pabial:

Watch a 4 min Adobe Connect recording with Sukh Pabial (@sukhpabial), talking about different ways of engaging with social media


See the webinar schedule here.

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