TJ week of webinars – social media discussion

Social media discussion in the free live TJ webinar on Tuesday morning 10am UK time

Social media use is the topic in the live webinar discussion as part of the TJ webinar launch week.

Tuesday 10am UK time will bring together Con Sotidis, Michelle Parry-Slater and Sukh Pabial to look at different aspects of social media.

There are elements about platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and so on, as well as about the type of social media one can use – such as short live commentary, discussions through message threads and things such as blogging.

In a discussion with Sukh Pabial, the concept of consuming social media for professional development was a key point, and how people can do this in different ways.

With Michelle Parry-Slater the discussion also moved towards using social media for communities.

You can watch the video recordings with Sukh and Michelle ahead of the webinar tomorrow.

Register for free

The social media discussion is free to register and attend – please come to share your experiences, thoughts and challenges.

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