TJwow recording – social media for professional development discussion

The second in our series of five #TJwow live webinar discussions – about social media for professional development

The TJ discussion webinar earlier today was on the subject of using social media for professional development.

The live online session marked the second day of a week of webinars – all in celebration of the TJ webinar series running monthly from June onwards.

Speakers in the session, all live on webcam, were Sukh Pabial, Con Sotidis and Michelle Parry-Slater.

At the beginning of the webinar discussion Parry-Slater set the tone by commenting that social media use was about people learning from people and that it was essential to have two way communication, not just to broadcast.

Sotidis continued the theme saying that conversation was created by giving your followers information, adding, commenting and creating something new.

Pabial agreed, adding that the sharing of content was vital and that lurking doesn’t give a change to learn from the process and that social media’s real value was as a collaboration tool.

Why go online?

The subject of why should professionals use social media was discussed.

Parry-Slater highlighted that some people work in isolation, so social media gives them the chance to connect with like-minded people.

In the chat window of the live webinar session Janet Webb shared that social media can give you access to a group that you wouldn’t have access to any other way.

On Twitter Rachel Raee shared a personal learning point about social media being not just about what is learnt, but also about how people grow as a result. 

There was a lot more discussion about curation, content marketing, personal branding and specific tools and tips. For instance, Niall Gavin who was attending the session, came on the microphone and shared his explanation of the software Slack and how he has seen it being used.


The depth and breadth of the conversation is available on the free discussion recording about using social media for professional development.

We will have all the recordings on our webinars page.

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There are more free webinar discussions in our launch week – topics are sales, neuroscience and personality assessment tools.

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