TJ Newsflash: 14 February

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The skills gap isn’t improving

More than four in ten project professionals say the skills gap in their sector is not showing signs of improving, according to new research by the Association for Project Management (APM).

Figures from a poll of 1,000 UK project professionals, carried out for APM by research company Censuswide, show that 83% of respondents feel there is a skills gap in their industry sector, with 43% saying that gap is staying the same, or getting worse.  13% of respondents said the skills gap is getting worse.

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Ultima Works to support neurodiverse and disabled individuals in the workplace

Disabled Student Allowance (DSA) Assessment specialist, Ultima Education, is bringing a unique package of services and solutions to support neurodiverse and disabled individuals to thrive in the workplace, through a new company: Ultima Works.

For 5-years, Ultima Education has been a respected provider of educational support for disabled and neurodivergent students. This new venture extends their expertise to the corporate sector, offering specialised services in workplace assessments, training, coaching, and technology advice for disabled and neurodivergent employees. Led by founders Laura Penfold and Tim Jones, Ultima Works promises to provide personalised support and innovative solutions to empower neurodivergent and disabled individuals at work.

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Compliance crisis unveiled

44% of compliance professionals admit unpreparedness for 2024 challenges. A recent survey by compliance eLearning and software provider, VinciWorks, has exposed a stark reality: 4% of compliance officers and managers feel unprepared for the compliance challenges that lie ahead in 2024.

Only 7% feel fully confident in tackling the challenges in the year ahead, signalling a potential industry-wide gap in readiness to address the ever-changing regulatory landscape.

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AI tops sentiment survey

The annual Global Sentiment Survey in L&D, run by Donald H Taylor, has gathered data over the last two months and this year’s results are out.

Artificial intelligence has dominated our industry’s thinking over the last year.

What might we glean from the views of L&D professionals from all around the world? How hot is AI in our sector? And at what cost to all the other hot subjects in learning and development?

Donald H Taylor joins Learning News with this year’s L&D sentiment results.

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