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Open paper notebook with pen, with the words, start and finish on two different pages.

Julie Drybrough questions where and when we start our learning and reflection

Can you begin in the middle? The middle of a month? The middle of a process?

Can you take that neat list of intentions and bang right through the middle of it, messing things up?

I’m asking because I hoped to begin at the start – the start of the month, of the year, like proper people do. I hoped to adhere to the conventions I had set myself for writing:

  • January: New-you intentions and an intro to my world.

  • February: Learning We Love – a light-hearted view on valentine-themed live/ love/ learning vibes

  • March: Setting the Hares running (along with gentle reflections on the burgeoning spring etc).

I hoped. I really did. But instead I find myself, baffled as to how nearly a month is gone, panicking slightly that I will fail to write anything, singularly and very noticeably NOT at the start.

Yet still, I’ll begin. Right here in the middle.

Begin as I hope to continue – a little rude salute to convention.

Because without beginning, there is no next step or step after. No progression or movement. There is just static-state and same… and who wants that?

So I’ll begin with some sense of what these blogs might be about – leadership, learning, coaching, culture, reflections on practice, on what it is to live and work in organisational life and on the edges of it.

I’ll strive to be kind, heart-felt and straightforward in how I see the world. Sometimes the words will resonate, other times, they will fall away without merit or mark. But in creating them, I will have fulfilled what I promised myself and the good people at TJ – I will have begun and can therefore continue.

So if any of you are grappling with new-you, new-year, resolution, intention, self-imposed rule-based tangles right now. Just begin. Even if it’s again – even if you started yesterday and stopped – begin and take another step and another and see where it takes you. From Duolingo to sorting out your streaming subscriptions, to gym goals to professional qualifications – go little and daily and begin over and over if you have to.

Here’s to beginning.

Even in the middle.

Julie Drybrough

Julie Drybrough is and Organisational Consultant, Executive Coach/ Supervisor, Writer and Speaker at fuchsiablue

Julie Drybrough

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