TJ Newsflash: 13 January

Welcome to the first TJ news update of 2023! The editorial team have selected the most valuable insights, research and stories to support L&D people in their continuing professional development

Labour market remains resilient despite economic downturn

New data and analysis from global job site, Indeed, shows that the UK labour market remains resilient heading into 2023 despite economic downturn. Job postings on Indeed are 50% above pre-pandemic levels, showing resilience to economic headwinds this year amid the cost-of-living crisis. The North East of England recorded the strongest growth in job postings in 2022, with London experiencing the slowest growth. 

What Workers Want Survey 2023

Research from New Possible shows that the much vaunted ‘Great Resignation’ shows no sign of abating, with 40% of UK employees likely to look for a new role in the next 12 months, in-line with last year’s findings. Average job satisfaction across all industries has also fallen to 70%, down from 72% a year ago. Employees working in the creative arts sector once again reported the highest levels of job satisfaction (84%), up 3% on last year, with those working in public services (64%), retail (65%) and transport (67%) emerging as the least satisfied. 

When asked what they like least about their current role, respondents were clear that unhealthy work cultures and poor leadership have the biggest impact on their likelihood to stay with an employer. 17% mention pay when thinking of leaving, a marked increase from 10% a year ago. Staffing shortages and poor-work life balance were also key reasons why many are planning to look for a new job. 

Future Work Trends for 2023

Gartner, Inc. has revealed its top nine workplace predictions that HR leaders must address this year and beyond to successfully navigate today’s labour market and continue to drive business outcomes. The top nine predictions are: 

• “Quiet hiring” will create new avenues to snag in-demand talent

• Hybrid flexibility will reach frontline workers

• Managers will be sandwiched by leader and employee expectations

• Pursuit of non-traditional candidates will expand talent pipelines

• Healing pandemic trauma will open a path to more sustainable performance

• Organisations will drive DEI forward amid growing pushback

• As organisations get more personal with employee support, it will create new data risks

• Concerns around AI will lead to increased transparency in recruiting tech

• Gen Z skills gaps will reveal workforce-wide erosion of social skills.

Learn more on their webinar: The 9 Future of Work Trends That Impact Your 2023 Strategy

Global Sentiment Survey 2023 is open for votes

This year marks Donald H Taylor’s 10th global survey into the hottest topics in learning and development today. The survey has grown over the years with 2022 seeing 3500 people from 112 countries taking part. The survey takes about 2 minutes to complete and you can register to receive a free report on the findings that are due in February. Make your voice heard by voting today!

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