TJ Awards 2018: Interview tips

As this year’s shortlisted finalists start to prepare for the TJ Awards 2018 interviews, Debbie Carter offers some reassuring advice.

As our shortlisted finalists start to think about their interviews in September it is time to start planning how to approach this, the final stage of judging.

The face-to-face interviews decide our top three places – so good preparation for the interview is highly recommended. The interviews last 30 minutes and up to three representatives can attend – an ideal mix would include: a representative from the senior management team, a learner and the lead practitioner from the L&D department.

  • Candidates can, if they wish, prepare a short presentation for the judges lasting no more than 10-minutes; this should be a verbal presentation but can be supported by a very short video clip pre-loaded onto a portable device – please note PowerPoint presentation are not allowed.
  • Impact evidence not available when the application was submitted can be introduced in your presentation – don’t give them reams of paper to consider as the judges have a lot to consider on the day. Keep your message clear and concise.
  • Remove all doubt in the minds of the judges – be focused, prepared and enthusiastic. Make sure all those attending the interview contribute and that all possible aspects of the programme can be talked about with confidence by your representatives.

The shortlisted finalists should have already booked their interviews online, but if there have been any problems securing your interview appointment email as soon as possible. All interviews will be held at etc.venues, Prospero House, Borough High Street, London.

The interviews are compulsory and failure to attend will result in a disqualification so make sure the dates are in your diary now.

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[SH1] TJ Awards 2018 Interview dates

[SH2] Best Apprenticeship Programme
Interviews – Thursday 13 September – morning

[SH2] Best Change Management Programme
Interviews – Monday 3 September – morning

 [SH2] Best Coaching/Mentoring Programme
Sponsored by TOWARD>
Interviews – Monday 4 September – afternoon

[SH2] Best Customer Experience Programme
Interviews – Thursday 20 September – morning

[SH2] Best Diversity & Inclusion Programme
Interviews – Thursday 13 September – morning

[SH2] Best Leadership Development Programme
Sponsored by CAKE PD
Interviews – Monday 10 September – morning

[SH2] Best Operational Programme
Interviews – Wednesday 12 September – afternoon

 [SH2] Best Organisational Development Programme
Interviews – Wednesday 5 September – afternoon

 [SH2] Best Private/Commercial Programme
Interviews – Tuesday 4 September – morning

[SH2] Best Public Service/Not-for-Profit Programme
Interviews – Wednesday 5 September – morning

 [SH2] Best Talent Development Programme
Interviews – Monday 10 September – afternoon

 [SH2] Best Training Partnership
Interviews – Tuesday 11 September – afternoon

 [SH2] Best Use of Technology in Learning
Sponsored by Imparta
Interviews – Wednesday 12 September – morning

[SH2] L&D Professional of the Year
Sponsored by the CIPD
Interviews – Tuesday 11 September – afternoon

 [SH2] L&D Team of the Year

Interviews – Monday 6 September – morning

Questions can be answered by emailing or visit or telephone +44 (0)20 7593 5677 or take part in the conversation at #tjaward2017


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