Four ways leadership can optimise team performance

Sanjay Darji gives us four easy ways to better business performance.

Talent, perseverance, innovation, dedication, and effort of individuals may all be wasted if the team has a wrong leader. To optimise your team’s performance, you need to possess the right qualities. Do you know how you, as a leader, can help to drive the performance of your team?

Here are some factors that help the performance of a team. These factors if used efficiently can drive your team towards success. Try incorporating these suggestions into your workplace and note the difference in team performance.

Support innovative ideas

Innovation is required in every step of life and every company requires innovative solutions to progress. As a leader, it is your duty to support all kinds of innovative and creative ideas, and remain flexible and open to all kinds of changes and suggestions. All well-known companies are based on innovation and creativity.

Always encourage new ideas, make space for new challenges and dreams and help the work environment be agile and flexible as well. Allow team members to work whenever they feel relaxed and comfortable and also allow them short breaks and various brainstorming sessions. They will help innovation and creativity flow.

Always try to be the leader who everyone listens to

Employees listen to the leader who listens to their employees. As a leader, never miss an opportunity to listen to your employee. Every individual has a creative perspective, and you never know – an employee could give you a million dollar idea.

Always be open to listen to your employees, not just to get some benefit out of it, but also to make your employees more open and vocal towards you so that the future conversations will be with lesser friction.

Hire the right people

A good team leader is one who knows the right people that he would like to appoint in his team. Hiring the right kind of people can help in improving the productivity of a company. The right kind of person can help understand company goals and hence drive the company towards success.

Know the candidate’s qualifications, ask the right kind of questions, and judge whether they can be the right fit for the job.

Always involve your team in managing resources

Allocate the members in your team in managing a different kind of resources. Help them take some important decisions so that they feel that they are worthy of taking decisions. Help them develop a confidence within themselves and when the time comes, evaluate them according to their outcome.

You never know when you may find a good resource that is actually valuable for the company. Also try to prioritise projects which are important. This will help identify you as a good leader and this would help you with your employee performance management as well. 

Always try to encourage team members if they would like to run that extra mile and try and give them enough recognition as well so that they can work harder to achieve future targets.


Leaders are not born, but built. What builds them is their constant learning and improving power. To be a good team leader, it is important to possess the above qualities. Try to incorporate each of these points in an organised manner and you will definitely achieve success (and so will your team).


About the author

Sanjay Darji is a software analyst at SoftwareSuggest and CallHippo. His interests include performance management, asset management, accounting, photography, food and travel. You can follow him on twitter at @sanjaydarji01.


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