TJ week of webinars – neuroscience in learning discussion

Neuroscience is a hot topic, and one hotly debated. In the free live TJ webinar at 10am UK time Thursday morning we discuss it’s usefulness in learning and development

Neuroscience is a topic that is grabbing headlines everywhere.

There are people referencing research, science and anything with the word brain or neuro for kudos and to increase sales.

We think it’s important to understand the area in more detail, get under the skin of neuroscience to see what is actually true and valuable.

Most of all, we think it’s important to take these empirical truths and then know how to apply them in learning and development.

Trailer videos

Ahead of the discussion on neuroscience in the free TJ webinar on Thursday 26th May at 10am UK time, I spoke to Amy Brann, Gary Luffman and Professor Tricia Riddell, all of which you can watch the videos of below.

Watch a 2.5 min Adobe Connect recording with Professor Tricia Riddell, talking about neuroscience

Watch a 2.5 min Adobe Connect recording with Amy Brann (@Amy_Brann), talking about neuroscience and environmental factors

Watch a 3.5 min Adobe Connect recording with Gary Luffman, talking about the need for neuroscience to be applied well

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The free webinar discussion about “Is neuroscience going to help learning in the 21st centruy” can be found here – please come to share your experiences, thoughts and challenges.


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