TJ week of webinars – assessment tools discussion

In the last TJ webinar session of launch week, assessment tools are the discussion point

The assessment tools industry is large and varied, both within learning and development practice, as well as across different parts of business and industry.

Assessment tools can be utilised to focus on personality, strengths, teams and other areas.

There’s also a lot of discussion about modernising L&D and whether some of the assessment tools that are available have enough robust research to stand up to scrutiny.

If you are a practitioner and want to know more about the benefits and challenges of various assessment tools, our free webinar is a great place to have a discussion.

There’s no selling, no presentations and it’s all about the discussion.

Short videos

The discussion is Friday morning, 10am UK time. I spoke to Lucy Standing and Jo Keeler, who are speaking on webcam during the session, and recorded some videos with them:

Watch a 3.5 min Adobe Connect recording with Jo Keeler (@BelbinTeamRoles), talking about her passion for helping people perform

Watch a 3.5 min Adobe Connect recording with Lucy Standing (@NeuTrain), talking about her passion for assessment tools, especially in recruitment

Register for free

The assessment tools discussion is free to register and attend – please come to share your experiences, thoughts and challenges.

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