What is shaping your L&D?

“What’s shaping your L&D?” was on the agenda yesterday as KnowledgePool (part of Capita Learning Services) hosted a panel discussion for learning professionals at London’s Hospital Club.

Opening up the lively panel discussion was Garry Goldman, head of people – operational training at Morrisons, who talked about the impact L&D has at a board level when it comes to shaping business decisions.

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He said: “It is about courage, L&D professionals need to step up and demonstrate credibility. A cultural shift is required for L&D to be more influential, ultimately we need to be able to understand the objectives of the business and talk their language.”

Joe Tidman, director of learning capabilities at GSK referred to the impact technology, demographics and changing workforces are having on L&D: “When you talk about technology we have millennials who are used to finding information by looking into a smart phone or even Google Glasses. 

This is a stark contrast to an overseas salesforce who up until recently were operating on Nokia 3210s before they jumped a whole generational age of technology to using tablets.  We need to leverage technology bringing L&D into the workforce as it is happening – augmented reality isn’t too far away.”

Neil Keeler, group manager, people & organisational development at Southend-on-Sea Borough Council talked about the importance of an organisation’s culture when it comes to shaping L&D: “Attitude and culture – when that is right people will learn anything, it is critical you get that right.  The difficulty is creating a learning culture when you don’t always have the budget.”  

Ollie Browning, MD of KnowledgePool summed up the evening: “One of the biggest points to take away was the discussion about getting L&D a seat at the top table. It is clear L&D needs to become more business focussed and prove the value of learning. The more we can prove about what the learning has driven and the impact on the business, the easier it is drive learning forward.”

Capita Learning Services has commissioned an extensive study on the effects globalisation will have on L&D as workforces operate and compete globally.  You can follow the debate on twitter using the hashtag #ShapingLandD.  

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