TJ Newsflash: 30 January

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A fifth of global workers have experienced violence and harassment at work

The research by Lloyd’s Register Foundation has found that workplace violence and harassment across the world is rife, its latest report finding that two in five (21%) of those who have ever worked have experienced it in their lifetime.  Migrant women were found to be at especially heightened risk – 30% of them having experienced violence and harassment compared with 21% of women working in their country of birth. Gender-based discrimination was found to have the largest impact (46% of those who had experienced it had also experienced workplace violence and harassment), closely followed by discrimination on the basis of skin colour (44%), and nationality / ethnicity (42%).

Access to Work backlogs jeopardise disabled people’s jobs

A recent report published by the RNIB is calling for improvements in the DWP’s Access to Work programme, whose long delays in processing applications and payments is jeopardising disabled people’s jobs. “We are calling on the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP), which runs Access to Work to take decisive and comprehensive action to cut the backlog urgently.” David Clarke COO at RNIB said. “We have met with the DWP on numerous occasions to discuss the delays, but little progress has been made and the situation is rapidly worsening with 15,000 outstanding applications in December 2021 rising to 25,103 in December 2022.”

The state of the hybrid workplace

A joint research project on hybrid working carried out in the US by WeWork and Dialpad, has revealed 72% of C-Suite executives find working from home more isolating than other levels, and 56% find it harder to sign off at the end of the day when working from home when compared to other levels. Encouragingly 87% of employees feel like their employers trust them: and 56% of hybrid workers suggest companies can help improve their mental health by prioritising asynchronous communication, such as chat and email.

Rolls-Royce Apprenticeship Programme opens for 2023

One of the leading schemes of its kind in the UK, the Rolls-Royce Apprenticeship Programme offers outstanding training and development opportunities for people with a wide range of educational backgrounds, interests and prior experience, designed to match candidates’ preferred learning styles and future career aspirations.

The application window runs until 19 March. However, Rolls-Royce operates a rolling recruitment programme, so certain roles may close early once sufficient numbers of applications have been received: early application is therefore recommended.

Debbie Carter

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