TJ Newsflash: 13 April

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UK employees concerned about careers because of fertility problems

A new survey, conducted by Fertility Family, has revealed that 1 in 5 UK employees are concerned about missing career opportunities due to their fertility struggles.

This follows a new report from WHO which found 1 in 6 people worldwide are affected by infertility. This news is particularly relevant to the proposal of a new Fertility Treatment Employment Rights Bill, giving employees a statutory right to take time off work to attend fertility clinic appointments. Despite these findings and efforts, 75% of UK employees believe the workplace lacks an open environment to discuss infertility.

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Friend or foe: Can computer coders trust ChatGPT?

In an interview with computer games designers, BBC’s technology reporter Sean McManus reveals how the latest AI tool ChatGPT is producing code for gaming in a fraction of the time it takes an expert designer.

While many in the sector see the benefits of using the new AI tools to speed up development of new projects, many young people who are developing their skills fear it will impact their jobs. They are being reassured by senior leaders in the field who say that human input is invaluable to analysing problems and providing solutions outside the scope of ChatGPT.

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Young people inspired at Nissan event

Nissan has brought the world of engineering and manufacturing to life for 1,700 youngsters with a two-week Schools Engineering event. Children from 35 schools across the north east are given an opportunity to learn about the world of engineering, before putting their budding skills into practice in a team challenge to build a marble rollercoaster – using paper and sticky tape.

The Nissan Skills Foundation, established in 2013, as the company’s school engagement drive to inspire the talent of the future, held the event over the last two weeks. Youngsters aged 9 -16 are given the chance to experience the innovation and excitement of automotive design, engineering and manufacturing, that takes place at Nissan Sunderland, through a range of workshops and interactive activities. 

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Government’s advisor on skills reform starts delivering on existing policy

Sir Michael Barber, the government’s advisor on skills reform implementation, is an expert on getting things done. Advisor to governments and their departments since the Blair administration, doesn’t mince his words in an interview with Shane Chowen at FE News “For the first time in history we have a prime minister, a chancellor of the exchequer, a secretary of state for education, and a skills minister, all of whom want to prioritise skills within the education area, and even across government. That’s an alignment that’s never happened before.”

In the interview he emphasises the need to act on existing policy rather than review again “If we want to catch up as a country with the leading providers of skills around the world… that is probably a 10-year challenge. But you’ve got to get started and this is the time to get started.”

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