Top takeaways from the 2021 Workplace Learning Report

This past week, LinkedIn Learning launched their 5th annual Workplace Learning Report.

Complete with survey results from thousands of L&D pros, managers, and enterprise learners globally, as well as insights on employee engagement from the LinkedIn Learning and Glint platforms, the report has become a go-to resource for L&D professionals around the globe. 

Check out the top takeaways from this year’s report and make sure to download the full report here

After a year when everything shifted, learning has moved front and center 

Since the pandemic began, learning professionals have seen their executive teams recognise just how important learning can be during times of change and uncertainty. This shift comes to life in the report: two-thirds of L&D pros surveyed say they have a seat at the C-suite table, up from just over one-third at the start of 2020.

The report also found that 66% of L&D pros globally agree L&D is focused on rebuilding or reshaping their organisations this year. It’s an important strategic shift in the business function of L&D.

This increased interest in learning also showed up on LinkedIn Learning, where the number of learners more than doubled from 2019 to 2020, and hours per learner jumped by 58%. This isn’t a short-term trend. It’s a shift that has made learning a lasting priority that will allow companies to thrive in the new world of work. 

“Priority zero is talent and building that workforce for the company of the future,” said LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky. “The company of the future is one that embraces change, learning, and a growth mindset.”


Skills are the currency of success in the new world of work

The World Economic Forum predicts that in the next four years we’ll see 85m jobs displaced and 97m new ones created. Many of those new roles will require brand new skills. This means that in order to succeed, organisations must be laser-focused on skill building. 

L&D has taken notice. According to the 2021 Workplace Learning Report, 59% of L&D pros said upskilling and reskilling are a top priority in 2021 – a 15% increase since June of 2020. 

Internal mobility is popping as a key focus area 

We can’t talk about upskilling and reskilling without talking about internal mobility: the ability to change jobs and grow within an organisation. 

The report shows that 51% of L&D pros see internal mobility as more of a priority now than before COVID-19. That’s good news for everyone, because employees stay 2x longer at companies with high internal mobility compared to those that don’t.

Measuring the impact of learning

As L&D takes on a larger role in upskilling and reskilling workforces, businesses have begun to reevaluate how they measure the impact of learning. While there is still no silver bullet for measuring success of learning programs, companies are getting closer by leveraging a variety of tactics. 

Employee surveys have also entered the measurement mix this year: 27% of L&D pros globally report using employee survey scores to measure the impact of learning, up from just 16% last year. And that number jumps to 43% in the UK. 

As the Workplace Learning Report noted, “one thing is for sure. Measuring the value that learning brings to your organisation will be a major factor in L&D pros keeping their spot at the C-suite table.”

Dive deeper for more insights and advice

This recap is just the tip of the iceberg. Dive into the report for more insights and practical advice on rapidly building skills at scale, including how to reach Gen Z, create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace, and much more.

Download the 2021 Workplace Learning Report.



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