How to focus better on work and increase your attention

As we ease out of lockdown, Rachel Eleza gives us some thoughts around co-working. 

Maintaining your focus and attention while at work is one of those things that is usually a lot easier said than done. Some people find it very easy to remain focused for eight hours a day without breaks, while others may find it difficult to maintain their focus even to the first coffee break, and there are plenty who may fall somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.

There are certain factors such as our energy levels or imagination that may seem like things we have no control over; however, if we are aware of these factors, there are things in our external environment that we can change to help us adapt to the workday and work requirements.

Use of stimulants

Coffee, tea, or any other kind of stimulant may help or hinder your focus; this is an example of a factor that requires knowing yourself well enough to know how it will affect you.

I personally love coffee and find that a reasonable amount will undoubtedly help my focus at work (especially in the morning), where in contrast, a person with anxiety, A.D.H.D, or other disorders may find their anxiety increased and attention decreased.

we can focus better when we are less stressed, and the easier it is to enjoy being at work, the easier it will be to maintain focus.

Luckily, you don’t have to drink coffee to take a coffee break, and coffee breaks are always a good way to get back into focus. A quick break to clear your mind and get the blood flowing (walks being an especially excellent choice for the high energy type) has been proven to help increase both a worker’s focus and productivity.

Modern solutions

Another method for helping to increase productivity is moving the office outside the office, via a co-working space. Coworking spaces have been around for a while now, and are proven to be a more fun and relaxed way to approach work.

The West Hollywood Boulevard is a good example of a quality coworking space with many of the essentials that are necessary to make work feel less like work: video games, nearby attractions, comfortable and casual furniture, and a beautiful balcony to view the city from.

While some more old fashioned businessmen may think that a place like this is bound to lead to distractions, the modern businessman knows the truth; that distractions are often necessary.


Video games can offer a quick escape while also helping to develop team-building and problem-solving skills, nearby attractions or sites may help inspire creativity, and the beautiful view can offer a peaceful and relaxing break.

Benefits of co-working spaces

The idea of having a more fun and relaxed working space works on these principles: we can focus better when we are less stressed, and the easier it is to enjoy being at work, the easier it will be to maintain focus.

Another idea brought forward by the varied environment of a coworking space is this: a change in one’s location can lead to a change in one’s mindset.

Often I find that when I am stuck on a problem and try to focus on it too intensely, I get stuck, I hit writer’s block. A change in venue or setting can be just what the doctor ordered when trying to solve a problem, as it can trigger a change in the way we think.

In the case of a more tedious than creative work scenario, the change in venue can offer us the proper break and reset necessary to maintain focus on the monotonous. When our surroundings become less monotonous, chances are we are going to automatically engage in a more intense focus than we would if we were going through the motions.


Focus and attention are essential to success in any business, entrepreneurial or otherwise. If we are able to recognise our working needs as well as our coworkers, we will be more readily able to adapt to the often-changing world of business and maintain focus in a world that is increasingly filled with distractions.

As stated before, not all distractions are a bad thing (everything in moderation), and having a peaceful, fun and lighthearted work atmosphere should indeed be the core focus of the employer as well as the employees.

If your business is able to achieve this type of balance, maintaining focus and attention should be effortless.


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