The importance of promoting creativity within the workplace

Sara Gordon looks into the factors that you need to consider when looking to recruit people in the creative industry.

To create a workplace that employees enjoy and are able to develop in, one major factor to consider is creativity. Employees that are encouraged to be creative are more likely to feel motivated and valued within the business.

Building a creative workplace is a great way to build a sense of belonging and tap into creative passions. Creativity can be easily adopted by following these simple three simple tips:


Allowing your employees freedom to choose the correct method for them to obtain a particular work goal is a refreshing and empowering technique. This shows that you trust your employees’ knowledge and judgement which will in the long run enable them to reach the goals you set for them.

An example of this can be giving an employee control of a creative group/committee. This shows you trust them to run with their thoughts and ideas in order to also in turn generate creativity within the business. This employee will then also be more likely to be committed to to their role and show so much more passion.

Allowing your employees freedom to choose the correct method for them to obtain a particular work goal is a refreshing and empowering technique.


It may seem simple, but as an employer make sure you provide the right resources to enable your employees to be creative. This doesn’t have to be anything massively expensive either as allowing your employees time to be creative.

Why not dedicate one hour per week to gather different members of your team to discuss anything that they’ve seen that week either in the news or over social media that they were interested in. This will help to create a dialect between employees and in turn could lead to wider creative ideas.

Organisational support

This is a crucial factor needed to aid development of creativity in the workplace. The entire origination should support creative effort to make sure it is implemented successfully. If an employee feels the support of their wider team they are more likely to feel motivated and empowered in their own job which will in turn drive creativity.

This can be shown through support from everyone in the business but mainly direct line managers and senior members of the team.

When recruiting for a candidate in the creative industry one of the biggest things to look for is passion in their work. Designers for example, are drawn to businesses with focus, clear briefs and smart teams. Any business looking to recruit creatives need to showcase a design-centric process where design is appreciated and set at the heart of the brand.

Talent attracts talent, so be forward thinking. Creative people will be drawn to work in places where their ideas can be heard and developed, so becoming the market leaders and innovators in your space is a sure fire way to attract them.


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