How to stay in touch with your business on holiday

 Jason Downes offers easy tips for double tasking as holiday-goer and business owner when on holiday.

Everyone needs a break from work, and SME business owners are no different. Unfortunately, jetting off and balancing family time with work can prove tricky. Today’s technology means it’s never been easier to keep in touch with your business remotely, but this can be a double-edged sword.

Sitting by the pool constantly refreshing your inbox doesn’t make for the perfect holiday, but planning and using your time wisely means you can relax with the peace of mind that your business hasn’t gone down the pan.

If you’ve built a team of hardworking and trustworthy employees they should be able to take care of most things for you. A solid handover meeting before your trip with follow-up email notes detailing imminent client and customer needs is a great place to start. Delegate specific clients and tasks to individuals, briefing them on any potential problems which are likely to arise in your absence.

Employee empowerment

Giving your employees the ability to make decisions is not only good for their self-esteem and development, but it means you are less likely to be troubled over minor matters while away. Ask a member of your team to send an email summarising the day or weeks events at a specific time, or schedule a call if necessary.

A solid handover meeting before your trip with follow-up email notes detailing imminent client and customer needs is a great place to start.

You might want to do this first thing, or in the evening before heading out – whatever suits you, and remember that family and friends come first when you’re on holiday. Try leaving your work devices locked away in the safe while you’re out and about, or else you’ll end up trying to solve every problem yourself, annoying your companions in the process.

Keep secure

Security is key when going online abroad, and as a rule of thumb, I never connect to networks without password encryption. Update your security and anti-virus measures before you go and take the same precautions you would in the UK.

If your job dictates your employees need to share files and documents with you, Dropbox is ubiquitous and ready for access from most devices. WeTransfer is another excellent service, which allows you to send large pictures and files straight to your colleague’s email inbox, and it’s completely free.

Getting some quality time away to recuperate is key if you want to succeed and avoid burnout. If your business is in the infant stages, then you might want to consider a shorter break initially, but there’s no reason why you can’t get a solid two-week break once you’re off the ground with these tips.

It may sound like a cliché, but remind yourself that you own a business – it doesn’t own you.


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  1. BlakeHenegan October 27, 2017 at 10:51 am

    A solid article Jason.
    A solid article Jason. Whilst it would be great to stop thinking about work, us business owners tend to spend more time “on” even when on holiday.

    I created escalation guidelines so that employees know what action to take, what spend they can commit to if required and where the line is before having to contact me.

    MD Optimus Learning Services


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