Email training reduces staff stress and increases productivity

Email training can improve staff wellbeing and effectiveness within the workplace, reveals new research.

Learning pioneers Emailogic new a 90 minute course indicates that attendees have saved on average 31.1 minutes a day and have shown a 13 per cent improvement in their reported ability to work effectively under pressure.   

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Stayton Brown, Associate Director of Equality and Human Rights at Guy’s and St Thomas’, spoke to senior managers in the organisation and asked what they could all do to reduce bureaucracy.

He said: “They all said that we needed to change the organisation’s behaviour around email, especially to reduce the traffic. The email productivity training has had a significant, positive impact on managers’ performance and productivity.

“Fewer interruptions and reduced stress also lead to better decisions and increases their ability to meet the goals of the Trust. Ultimately, better decisions and less stress will result in better care for our patients.”

The study was conducted earlier this year by For Guy’s and St Thomas’ the time savings would equate to 74 additional staff posts and estimated savings in terms of staff time worth £2.2m each year, based on 1,000 staff completing the training.

Equally importantly, the results showed clearly that those people who attended the 90 minute, face to face email training reported a statistically significant improvement in their well-being and performance.

When asked if he would recommend the training to other trusts, Brown said: “Absolutely, the big next step for us now will be to work with Emailogic and our own IT training team, to create a package of training that our staff can get more access to throughout the year.”

As well as monitoring the experience of those who were trained, the study included two control groups; one group comprised hospital colleagues who were sent email etiquette guidelines to read and another group who received neither training nor guidelines.

Statistical analyses revealed that those who attended the training clearly benefited from the programme compared to their colleagues in the two control groups, who showed no beneficial change.

Other highlights of the study included:

  • A 10 per cent uplift in people’s ability to focus time and resource on work compared to a 2 per cent drop for those who received no training or who only received guidelines.
  • A 9 per cent uplift in self-reported effectiveness at work compared to a 9 per cent drop in effectiveness for those who had no training or who only received guidelines.

Marc Powell, Director and Founder of Emailogic was confident the results of the study would back up Emailogic’s own research – conducted over the company’s 17-year history:

He said: “The results of this study vindicates our own research and shows that effective email training not only saves people time but also reduces stress and improves staff well-being. In any organisation this is going to have a positive impact on the bottom line – in an NHS Trust this means an improved service for patients”

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