E-learning available offline where there’s no connectivity

Deploying e-learning to geographical areas or groups of people with no Wi-Fi or 4G signal is a challenge that gomo learning has addressed

The challenges of offline learning, tracking and updating are familiar to teams looking to deploy learning to devices on a global scale. Mike Alcock, Managing Director of gomo, said: “Offline learning has been a particular focus for us because not everyone is sat in an office with a Wi-Fi connection all day – it seems a shame to create great learning which requires learners to stay indoors in order to use it – a situation that a mobile workforce cannot guarantee.”

The gomo central app provides offline access to content and also crucially provides full tracking – even when users are disconnected, something that’s rarely been possible with e-learning authoring tools. This means that organisations can track user activity and scores, even when users are mobile and disconnected.

Alcock said: “We know that the world is only getting smaller and that staff globally expect to access learning on a personal device whenever they may need it. That’s why we created the gomo central app – it’s important that regardless of whether learners are working on a construction site or at a customer’s home, they have support and training they need.”

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