Virtual training software upgrade from MicroTek

Enhancements to the online classroom software are released by US firm.

MicroTek has released an update to the MicroTek Virtual Training Room. The upgrade includes a new version of the Virtual Training Room Software with enhanced features and improvements to the User Interface and Web components.

Ron Tolentino, Manager, Technical Services at MicroTek said: “The strength of our Virtual Training Room is its ability to provide the benefits of live, classroom training equally to remote and in-class students.

“With these upgrades, we are not only improving the overall look and usability of the Virtual Training Room, but are also providing more robust options for interaction between instructors and students both within the classroom and virtually.”

The US firm’s enhancements include an updated Conference Client look and feel; a new web collaboration user interface that includes features such as virtual white boarding, annotation on shared content, and improved application sharing and; backend hardware and software upgrades which expand, enhance and enrich the Virtual Training Room solution.

MicroTek Virtual Training Room combines live, classroom training with the power and flexibility of a virtual environment. It enables participants from remote locations to experience all of the benefits of instructor-led classroom learning as if they were physically present.

MicroTek Virtual Training Room utilizes the most advanced video conferencing technology and features two-way, high definition audio and video communications tools, customisable configurations, a Virtual Learning Labs plug-in and full technical support.

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