Develop Training launches innovative online portal

Develop Training Limited (DTL), the UK’s leading training specialist in energy, water and construction, has launched a new online portal that allows clients to see all their training data in one place.

The innovative Learning & Assessment Portal (LAP) provides a competency dashboard of the client’s workforce with at-a-glance information on up-to-date training results for online and practical training. It can be used to efficiently prioritise training budgets in the areas required, giving clients a better return on investment.

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Anne Rogerson, Business Director for IT Services at DTL, said: “The LAP ensures each training programme is tailored for the learner based on their abilities and that our clients’ training budgets are concentrated on areas where they’re most required, rather than relying on the ‘sheep dipping’ way of routinely retraining each learner periodically.”

The LAP’s features include automatic emails to learners to ensure they undertake the e-assessments, analysis of training results to ensure the learner is on the correct course for their ability, automatic recall invites to practical training, automatic text messages to remind the learner in case they missed any emails. It also included re-enforcement assessments to help commit the learning to long term memory  all controlled through a single portal that can be seamlessly integrated with the client’s systems.​

DTL’s training is based upon its unique Continuous Learning Loop, a learning cycle focused on pre-course assessment, a blended approach to training (incorporating classroom teaching, e-learning and practical ‘hands on’ skilling) and post-learning reinforcement.

This innovative approach provides the client with practical training courses most suited to the learner and the post-learning reinforcement helps to ensure that the learning has been embedded with the delegate.

This delivers best value to clients in terms of having operatives who are properly trained for what their job role requires, in maximising return on training investment and minimising workforce disruption through pre-course assessment.

With training centres in Derby, York, Swindon, Linlithgow near Edinburgh and Bolton, DTL is the UK’s leading accredited provider of technical training solutions for the utilities sector, with a diverse portfolio of courses created specifically for operatives. DTL is endorsed by key industry bodies and associations including City & Guilds, Training Excellence and BIFM.

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