TJwow recording – is neuroscience going to help learning in the 21st century?

The penultimate #TJwow live webinar discussion focusing on neuroscience and it’s application in L&D

The discussion in the TJ webinar earlier today was all around the hot topic of neuroscience.

There was a lot of great interaction in the live online session, through fabulous questions in the chat pod and comments, questions, laughs and sharing learning in the chat window.

The speakers, who were on webcam throughout the discussion, were Amy Brann, Gary Luffman and Professor Tricia Riddell.

The session kicked off with a great question about creativity. Brann highlighted that different parts of the brain work on different aspects of creativity. Riddell explained that there are different types of creativity, such as divergent thinking for lots of different ideas and convergent thinking about selecting the right idea.

A question from the attendees was about how to help with reflection of learning. Both Luffman and Brann highlighted the importance of reflection and that down time often gives a solution as the brain processes well in this mode. There was lots of chatter about this down time, including walking, showering and doing the washing up! Brann highlighted that mundane tasks allows the brain this time to process.

There was lots of discussion around parts of the brain, what they do, how they work together, what it means for behaviours and for learning and delivery of all types of learning – including face to face, virtual and e-learning. Brann made the point that the neuroscience knowledge we have is not specific to one form of learning, but helps with all modes.


The depth and breadth of the conversation is available on the free discussion recording about neuroscience in learning.

We will have all the recordings on our webinars page.

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