Learnfest 2015 – review of experiences

Last summer Jo Cook attended and spoke at the Learnfest summer L&D conference in Lake Windermere. Here’s her video looking back on a great event

The Learnfest 2016 event is next week.

Seeing all the #Learnfest16 tweets is reminding me of a hot, sunny conference festival last year, enjoying speaking about virtual classrooms, learning lots and attending exciting sessions.

View the video below for some of last year’s highlights, including me learning to ‘scratch’ with DJ Shorty from the London Urban Arts Academy, entertainment from the Deadbeats, attendee view point from Heather Jones and some stunning scenery!



Learnfest 2016 takes place in the Lake District of the UK, hosted by Impact International: www.learnfest.co.uk


Read more about Learnfest:

A leadership conference with a twist

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