Bite-sized online seminars delivered over lunch time to offer essential CPD

Bite-sized online seminars delivered over lunch time have been launched by The Education and Training Foundationto support practitioners working with apprentices to enhance their maths and English skills.

Courses aim to improving employer support and partnership. Photo credit: Fotolia 

The Education and Training Foundation has commissioned the Association of Employment and learning providers​ (AELP) and their partners the Central England Teacher Training (CETT) Academy to develop a CPD programme that will explore evidence-based strategies for re-engaging apprentices with learning and development.

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Mark Dawe, CEO AELP, said: “Training providers have to dedicate a significant proportion of apprenticeship programmes to remedial English and maths and they are doing this with work ready functional skills provision. They should be funded for this in apprenticeships at the minimum of the functional skills stand alone rate because they are often dealing with the most challenging learners to support. 
“This can act as a disincentive to take on apprentices. If they don’t have English and maths and they fail those elements, they fail the whole apprenticeship, no matter how good they are at the other elements, so many employers are not willing to take the risk and hassle. We are working closely with the Foundation and its partners to support providers in delivering high quality remedial provision.”
They will cover the following topics:
• Contextualising, embedding and enriching maths and English outcomes in apprenticeship provision 
• Facilitating apprentice engagement in assessment for learning in maths and English
• Helping apprentices with maths and English related anxiety and resistance 
• Improving employer support and partnership in the development of apprentices’ maths and English skills
• Motivating apprentices with problem/challenge-centred learning in maths and English
• Planning for maths and English delivery in apprenticeship provision 
The sessions will be delivered over lunch time and will range from between 1 – 2 ½ hours and will explore evidence-based strategies for re-engaging apprentices in their personal maths and English development.
Alison Morris, Head of Technical and Vocational Education and Training at The Education and Training Foundation, said: “We are committed to supporting teachers, trainers and tutors with maths and English teaching, in every setting. The maths and English requirements in vocational education and training can be challenging, particularly with learners alienated from the subject by years at school.
“Our Future Apprenticeships Programme is the only government-funded programme providing the professional development for practitioners and leaders to plan and to implement the new apprenticeship system. It is funded by the Department for Education, commissioned by the Education and Training Foundation, and delivered by a partnership led by AELP.
“We know that vocational teachers and trainers can find time away for lengthy CPD difficult. We are delivering ‘bite-sized’ maths and English webinar sessions at lunchtimes to help them get to grips with the issues, and to understand the resources available. We hope this will give the confidence and skills to help their learners.
“The ETF already provides substantial free and subsidised resources and courses for teaching maths and English in all settings through the maths and English Pipelines. The bite-sized sessions complement existing resources and encourage their use.”
If you are interested in finding out more please click here for seminar dates, content details and bookings.


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