Webinar on how to create a positive induction for new staff

The role elearning can play in creating a positive and lasting induction experience for new employees will be explored in an interactive webinar this month.

Award-winning elearning provider, Sponge UK is hosting the session First Impressions to First Year: Benefits of Bespoke Induction. to provide new ideas for organisations looking to improve their approach to onboarding

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Learning Designer at Sponge, Brayley​ Pearce said: “The picture you paint during an employee’s induction is the one that stays with them, so it is essential to get it right. I’ll be following the journey of a new starter from the moment they accept a job offer to their first year of service and highlighting ways bespoke elearning can help make the induction as positive and productive as possible.

“As with all our webinars, I’m interested to hear about a wide range of experiences and there will be plenty of opportunities for attendees to share their views and ask questions.”

Data from the independent research organisation, Towards Maturity suggests that while 97 per cent of organisations offer induction or onboarding training only 58 per cent of these skills are e-enabled. 

The webinar takes place between 12:30 -13:00 (GMT) on Wednesday, 18 November ​2015 and registration is available via http://buff.ly/1NTs4NI.

The key areas covered will include:

•    Benefits of induction elearning for your business
•    Pre-boarding strategies
•    First day, first impressions
•    Extended induction programmes  

The webinar will be useful for L&D professionals, HR practitioners and managers looking to implement change in onboarding, and will be relevant across all industry sectors.



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