Designed to assist organisations of all sizes and sectors build a learning culture there are three distinct pillars to the system.

First, the tracking of learning transfer to make sure new skills and behaviours learnt on any kind of learning intervention get applied and has a positive impact back in the workplace.

Having both the line learner and line manager work together to set specific goals and targets or using competency frameworks enables the business to see & importantly gather more data on the success of learning interventions. There is also the opportunity to motivate both the learner and line manager by either raising a donation for charity or building points to be used against alongside a reward scheme.

Second, we make it easy for employees to track and monitor their continued professional development (CPD) ensuing that enough hours and/or points are gathered each year. But again giving the line manager and relevant management visibility of this.

Third, with the rapid change in organisations appraisals have become out dated, therefore we allow for the tracking and monitoring of continuous objectives, so the employee and line manager always have sight of what needs to be achieved and can quickly assess progression & achievements.

All of this makes it far easier for a) the learner, b) the manager c) the business to have a complete overview of all the formal & informal learning taking place at any given point.

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