Dods Diverse Workforce series

Sex, race, age, culture, background and personal experience all affect the way in which we interact with colleagues and conduct business. In today’s business climate, having the skills and insight to leverage these differences within your organisation can mean the difference between success and failure.

The Diverse Workforce Series consists of a range of events designed to create an environment that inspires engaging discussion around specific workplace diversity dimensions. Delegates will leave with a renewed sense of purpose and know-how in providing opportunities to strengthen their team and build inclusion.

Each conference provides delegates with the following insight & practical takeaways on a specific diversity issue:

  • Targeting the talent you want to attract: rethinking recruitment strategies and exploring unconscious bias
  • Supporting diverse talent once secured: creating a truly inclusive environment
  • Boosting engagement and innovation: building a team that better reflects the society it serves
  • Tackling the under-utilisation of skills: promoting and recognising diverse talent
  • The business case for diversity: good for people, good for business

The events are CPD certified, and a certificate is available to confirm your attendance.


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