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Ginette Tessier is the author of Get That Course Online

Get That Course Online is the step-by-step guide for experts who want to increase their impact and income”, a book available on Amazon about which one reader said, “I had to stop using my highlighter pen as it was pointless – nearly every word of every page was slowly turning green.”

Since 2015, Ginette has been helping trainers and other subject matter experts create effective and engaging online courses. She is a firm believer that if running your own business isn’t fun, then you’re not doing it right.

She lives in sunny Bournemouth with Scamp, her rescued Jack Russell Terrier cross and runs Get That Course Online as part of The Get That Gang® – a suite of services for experts who want to create online assets that do what they’re supposed to.

Her top brag so far is that Ed Sheeran has watched her umpire a hockey match. Twice.

Ginette Tessier