TJ Newsflash: 24 January

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The latest learning news and research personally compiled by TJ’s Editor, Jo Cook

LNTV and TJ forge dynamic partnership to elevate learning and performance excellence

Learning Now TV (LNTV), the premier channel for learning and performance professionals, and Training Journal, the leading online magazine dedicated to workplace learning, performance, and development, are excited to announce a strategic partnership aimed at sharing and amplifying top-tier content.

In a move set to redefine industry collaboration, TJ will meticulously curate and share compelling video snippets from LNTV’s monthly one-hour show. Simultaneously, LNTV will engage with and interview esteemed writers from Training Journal, providing audiences with a unique blend of expert insights and thought leadership.

Jo Cook, Editor of Training Journal, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This content-sharing initiative ensures that the most crucial topics and standout speakers from LNTV receive the recognition they deserve among learning professionals. By combining forces, we are enhancing the skills development and community experience that Training Journal consistently delivers.”

Colin Steed of LNTV and Jo Cook of TJ together at the studio
Colin Steed of LNTV and Jo Cook of TJ together at the studio

Colin Steed, Founder & Executive Producer of LNTV, shares his excitement, affirming, “Our partnership with Training Journal aligns seamlessly with our mission to bring the best in learning and performance to our audience. Together, we are poised to create a powerful synergy that elevates the industry and fosters a deeper sense of community among professionals.”

This ground-breaking collaboration between LNTV and TJ marks a pivotal moment for the learning and performance community. As both entities join forces to spotlight key industry topics and thought leaders, professionals can anticipate an enriched experience that combines the strengths of two industry giants. Stay tuned as LNTV and Training Journal embark on this journey to elevate learning and performance to new heights.

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Mentoring for charities launches it’s matching process

The Charity Mentoring Network, the first UK-wide mentoring network for the charity sector, is now live. Since the project launched three months ago, 40 charities have signed up and have been recruiting mentors to the platform. Today marks the next milestone for the network as the matching process starts for mentors and mentees (those looking to be mentored) to start the matching process. 

The brainchild of Martin Baker, founder and CEO of The Charity Learning Consortium, the network will be accessible to all 200,000 UK charities. Baker comments, “We have been blown away by the interest of so many charities, large and small. Today is a big day for the network as the matching process starts. There is a huge appetite for mentoring in the sector and it is great to see technology supporting this exciting approach to employee and organisational development.”

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Understanding menopause information funded

Menopause Support has launched a £90,000 fundraising campaign in a bid to get 250,000 copies of the ‘Understanding Menopause’ booklet to women UK-wide.

A grassroots, community interest company has today pledged to make essential menopause information available to anyone in the UK who needs it, filling a dangerous void left by the Government and NHS. Menopause Support has announced plans to produce another 250,000 copies of its booklet, ‘Understanding Menopause’ after the initial 100,000 were requested and distributed UK wide in less than four months. Today Menopause Support has launched a £90,000 fundraising appeal to bring this plan to fruition.

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Employees say they are productive, but doubt their leadership team and hybrid colleagues

HR software provider Ciphr polled 1,000 UK employees to find out how they self-rate their productivity at work, and, importantly, how they perceive the productivity of other people and departments at their organisations.

The results revealed that most employees tend to rate themselves as being more productive than their colleagues. Although they do view their team-mates – the people they work with most closely with – as generally being more productive than other groups of employees.

  • 84% think their close colleagues/team are productive or very productive at work, but just 67% say the same about their organisation’s leadership team
  • 75% of leaders and senior managers rated their HR department as productive or very productive, compared to 62% of junior and middle managers and 61% of non-managers
  • People who are 100% workplace-based appear the least inclined to rate their remote and hybrid colleagues as being productive or very productive. Just half (52%) of employees who are 100% workplace-based believe that people who work remotely are productive.

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Not all well-being initiatives hit their mark

Initiatives that promote mental well-being are formally recommended for all British workers, with many practices targeting change in individual workers’ resources. While the existing evidence is generally positive about these interventions, disagreement is increasing because of concerns that individual-level interventions do not engage with working conditions.

Across multiple subjective well-being indicators, participants appear no better off. Overall, results suggest interventions are not providing additional or appropriate resources in response to job demands.

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Move from education to L&D with an online conference this month

A free virtual conference on January 29th is designed for educators seeking to transition their careers into the dynamic field of Learning & Development. It is ideal for teachers, instructors, and education professionals who aspire to apply their skills in new roles such as corporate trainers, instructional designers, or learning experience designers.

It’s an event for anyone wishing to leverage their educational expertise in a corporate setting, explore innovative teaching methodologies, and adapt to the evolving demands of adult learners in various industries.

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