TJ Newsflash: 21 February

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The latest learning news and research personally compiled by TJ’s Editor, Jo Cook

Research reveals decline in employee sleep quality is impacting productivity

New data from Champion Health, taken from amongst 4,300 UK employees, indicates that a staggering one in three employees rates their sleep quality as poor, while less than one in five (19%) consider their sleep to be of good or excellent quality.

Tiredness emerges as a critical factor impacting productivity, with a staggering 61% of professionals citing it as the main obstacle, surpassing high stress, which stands at 32%. Consequently, a concerning 70% of the workforce rates their productivity as average or worse.

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More than 70% of compliance professionals lack protective measures against AI breaches

A recent survey by compliance eLearning and software provider, VinciWorks, has found that only 29% of compliance professionals have implemented specific procedures, training, or preventive measures to guard against Artificial Intelligence (AI) related compliance breaches. The majority (71%) admitted to lacking such protective measures, with 13% having no plans to address this significant gap in their compliance strategy in the near future.

As AI-powered tools continue to gain prominence in various industries—embedded in tools as diverse as client due diligence and supply chain management to HR and recruitment—concerns are mounting about potential risks. These risks include serious compliance failures such as discrimination, plagiarism, intellectual property theft, and GDPR violations. Adding to the urgency, the impending landmark regulatory European Union’s Artificial Intelligence Act, carrying penalties of up to 7% of global turnover for AI misuse, has raised the stakes for organisations.

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41% of employers expect increased demand for mental health support in 2024

Mental health will top the list of support most demanded by employees in 2024, according to new research from Towergate Health & Protection.

The research into health and wellbeing support in the workplace asked 500 HR professionals which areas they thought would see the biggest increase in demand for support over the next 12 months. Mental health topped the list with 41% of employers expecting to see increased demand from employees. Financial health came second, with over a third (34%) of employers stating they think they will see increased requests for support this year.  

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On the right track for jobs in the rail industry

The TRIA has been developed in partnership with National Infrastructure Solutions (NIS) – a leading provider of training in the rail, civil engineering and utilities industries – and provides training for newcomers to the sector, as well as existing rail operatives who want to upskill and develop their industry knowledge further.

Davie Carns, Managing Director of National Infrastructure Solutions, “The Black Country Signalling Academy at BCIMO is another example of how we are listening to businesses and developing training for more technical roles that are currently in high demand.”

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